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Solve app

The Solve app enables you to define up to ten equations, each with as many variables as you like. You can solve a single
equation for one of its variables, based on a seed value. You can also solve a system of equations (linear or non-linear), again
using seed values. To open the Solve app, press ! and select Solve. The app opens in Symbolic view.
Symbolic view The Symbolic view enables you to specify the equations, each with as
many variables as you like. The variables must all be uppercase.
The menu items are as follows:
—Moves the cursor to the entry line where you can add a new equation or
change a selected equation
—Selects or clears an equation for solving
—Enters the equals sign
—Displays the selected equation in textbook format in full-screen view
(with vertical and horizontal scrolling enabled)
—Resolves references when one equation is defined in terms of another
Numeric view Press N to display the Numeric view. In the Solve app, the Numeric
view is not a table of evaluations (as it is in the Function app). Instead, it is an input form,
where you can enter values for the known variables. You then move the cursor to the
unknown variable and tap
variable in case there are multiple solutions. The menu items are as follows:
—Moves the cursor to the entry line, where you can add or change a value
—Supplies information about the nature of the solution found; it only
appears if you are solving one equation
—Calculates the highlighted variable based on the values of the other
Plot view You can plot only one equation at a time in the Solve app, so make sure that
only one equation is selected in Symbolic view. To display Plot view, press P. The left
side and the right side of the selected equation are plotted as separate graphs. The
variable that was highlighted in Numeric view is taken as the independent variable.
The Plot View menu items, and the Plot Setup view, are the same as in the Function app
(see "Function, Advanced Graphing, Parametric, Polar, and Sequence apps" on
page 22). However, there is no Fcn functionality in the Solve app.
Quick Start Guide
. You can enter a seed value for the unknown


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