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First, connect the HP StreamSmart 410 to the HP Prime calculator and then connect between one and four sensors to the
HP StreamSmart. Open the DataStreamer app by pressing ! and selecting DataStreamer. The app searches for any
sensors that are connected to the calculator and, when it finds them, prompts you to start the data capture by tapping
The DataStreamer app starts in Plot view. This view graphically displays the data from
1 to 4 sensors as a live time graph called a data stream. Each line in the view
represents data from one sensor. The menu items are as follows:
—Each sensor is allocated a channel. Tap this button to switch the focus to
another channel. You can also press 1, 2, 3, or 4 to switch focus to each of these
channels. The information displayed at the bottom of the screen is related to the
currently selected channel. In the example at the right, the Temperature channel is
selected. This channel is taking information from a temperature sensor in a beaker
and that information is showing that 128.303 seconds after the start of the
stream, the temperature in the beaker had reached 27.33°.
—Toggles the action of the cursor keys between pan (that is, scroll) and zoom. Zoom in or out
horizontally on the streams even while data is streaming, effectively speeding them up or slowing them down. Scroll
vertically to separate or center the streams.
—Turns oscilloscope mode on and off.
—Starts or stops data streaming.
When you tap
three more menu items appear:
—Toggles tracing on and off for the current data stream. With tracing on, you can press L or R to move the
trace cursor along the currently selected channel. The values at the bottom of the screen change as the cursor moves.
—Opens a menu where you can select the data you want to export to the Statistics 1Var or Statistics 2 Var apps.
—Shows further options. You can, for example, place a mark at the current tracer position, swap the position of
the mark and the tracer, jump to a specific time along the current stream, add the current tracer point to your data set,
and display the Export to Statistics screen (see below).
On pressing
further menu items appear:
—Sets the left-most edge of the data you want to study. All data to the left is cropped.
—Sets the right-most edge of the data you want to study. All data to the right is cropped.
—Shows further options. You can, for example, choose to see only a subset of samples, and to add or delete
data. You can also use an
On the Export to Statistics screen, select the Statistics app you want to use to
analyze the data—1Var or 2Var—and then select the channels whose statistics you
want to analyze (and time, if necessary). For each channel and the timestamp, you can
select the column in the app into which you want that data copied. When you tap
, the Numeric view of the selected Statistics app opens. You can now continue
your analysis of the captured data in that app.
The Statistics apps are described in "Statistics 1Var app" on page 33 and "Statistics
2Var app" on page 35.
button to display the Export to Statistics screen (see below).
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