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Program Catalog and Editor

The HP Prime has a powerful programming language that can be put to many uses. Programs are created and modified in
an editor and stored in a catalog. Press S1 to display the Program Catalog. You can edit, run, and debug a program,
and send it to another HP Prime calculator. You can also rename or remove programs.
When there are existing programs, the menu items in the Program Catalog are as follows:
—Opens the Program Editor with the selected program shown for you to
—Opens an input box, where you can name a new program
—Opens a sub-menu with the following options:
- Save—Creates a copy of a program with a new name
- Rename—Renames an existing program
- Sort—Sorts the programs (either chronologically or alphabetically)
- Delete—Deletes the selected program
- Clear—Deletes all programs in the Program Catalog
—Sends the selected program to another HP Prime calculator
—Debugs the selected program
—Runs the selected program
You can enter your program letter-by-letter if you know the command names, or use
one of the menus available when the Program Editor is open:
—Opens the commands menu
—Opens a menu of common branch and loop structures
Note that the programming commands are also available from the Catlg menu (see
"Catalog Menu (Catlg)" on page 48).
button enables you to check your syntax at any time.
After you have finished your program, return to the Program Catalog by pressing
S1. It is listed in the catalog. Tap
you can enter your program's name and press E to run it.)
A simple program is illustrated at the right. When it runs, the value of N is set to 1 and
the program continues until it becomes 10. The value is displayed on screen in a
message box. The value is preceded by the string Counting:. If you tap
press E, the value of N is incremented by 1. The incremented value is displayed on
the screen in another message box. You continue tapping
until N is greater than 10, at which time the program stops running.
See the user guide for more information about programming the HP Prime calculator.
Quick Start Guide
to run your program. (In Home view,
or pressing E


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