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The HP Prime has three Solver apps, each designed to solve problems of a specific type: a Finance app, a Linear Solver app,
and a Triangle Solver app. The Finance app solves time-value-of-money (TVM) and amortization problems, the Linear Solver
finds solutions to systems of linear equations, and the Triangle Solver finds measures of angles and lengths of sides in
problems involving triangles.

Finance app

The Finance app solves time-value-of-money (TVM) and amortization problems. To
open the Finance app, press ! and select Finance. The Finance app has two pages:
one for TVM problems and the other for amortization. The amortization page uses
values from the TVM page.
The TVM page enables you solve TVM problems. You enter as much data as you have
and then highlight a variable whose value you want to calculate. The fields are as
• N—Total number of periods or payments
• I%/YR—The nominal annual interest rate
• PV—Present value at the start of the cash flow
• P/YR—The number of payments made in a year
• PMT—The payment due per period
• C/YR—The number of compounding periods per year
• FV—The value at the end of the cash flow
• End—Whether payment is made at the beginning or end of each period
• Group Size—Number of payments per group (for an amortization schedule)
The menu items are as follows:
—Moves the cursor to the entry line, where you can add or change a value
—Displays the amortization page (see "Example 2" on page 41)
—Calculates the selected variable based on the other variables

Solver apps

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