HP 35s Quick Start Manual

HP 35s Quick Start Manual

Scientific calculator
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HP 35s Scientific Calculator
Quick Start Guide
Edition 1
HP part number: F2215-90201


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  • Page 1 HP 35s Scientific Calculator Quick Start Guide Edition 1 HP part number: F2215-90201...
  • Page 2: Legal Notices

    In this regard, HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained in the manual. Hewlett-Packard Company shall not be liable for any errors or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this manual or the examples contained herein.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Welcome to your HP 35s Scientific Calculator ......1 Turning the Calculator On and Off ........2 Adjusting Display Contrast............ 2 Keyboard ................3 Alpha Keys ................. 4 Cursor Keys ................ 4 Backspacing and Clearing............ 4 Undo key................5 Using Menus...............
  • Page 4 Linear Solver ..............34 Programming ..............37 RPN Programming Example ..........38 ALG Programming Example ..........40 Additional Resources............42 Warranty and Contact Information ........43 Replacing the Batteries ............43 HP Limited Hardware Warranty and Customer Care ....43 Limited Hardware Warranty Period........
  • Page 5: Welcome To Your Hp 35S Scientific Calculator

    Getting Started Welcome to your HP 35s Scientific Calculator This guide is a supplement to the HP 35s Scientific Calculator User’s Guide, and it is intended to provide the user with basic operational information about the calculator. For more detailed information about the many capabilities of the HP 35s Scientific Calculator outlined in this guide, refer to the complete user’s...
  • Page 6: Turning The Calculator On And Off

    CR2032 (or equiva- lent) batteries as soon as possible. See appendix A of the HP 35s Scientific Calculator User’s Guide for instructions. Adjusting Display Contrast The display contrast depends on lighting, viewing angle, and the contrast setting.
  • Page 7: Keyboard

    Keyboard Features of the Keyboard Shifted Keys Figure 1 Calculator Keyboard • Cursor keys have only a yellow shift function. • Most keys have three functions: one printed in white, a yellow- shifted-function printed above the key, and a blue-shifted function printed on the angled face of the key (See Figure 2).
  • Page 8: Alpha Keys

    Figure 2 Key Diagram Left-shifted function Letter for alphabetic Right-shifted function Alpha Keys Keys with a pink letter displayed on the bottom right corner are alpha keys, used commonly to enter variables or program labels. When you are prompted for a letter entry, the A..Z sym- bol appears in the display, and the alpha keys are active.
  • Page 9: Undo Key

    Table 1 Backspace and Clear Operations Description Backspace and Clear. If an expression is in the process of being entered, pressing erases the character to the left of the entry cursor ( _ ). Otherwise, with a completed expression or the result of a calculation in line 2, replaces that result with a zero.
  • Page 10: Using Menus

    Undo also recovers the values of a register, or registers, just cleared using the CLEAR menu, if the undo operation immedi- ately follows the cleared operation. Using Menus Sixteen of the keys are menu keys, keys which permit access to more functions.
  • Page 11 Table 2 Menu Functions Menu Name Menu Description Comparison tests of the X–register and 0. º Memory status (bytes of memory ¹u available); catalog of variables; catalog of program labels. MODE Angular modes and operation mode. DISPLAY Fixed, scientific, engineering, full ¹Þ...
  • Page 12: Exiting Menus

    pages available. Use the Õ and Ö cursor keys to move to an item on the current menu page; use the × and Ø keys to access the next and previous pages in the menu. Exiting Menus Whenever you execute a menu function, the menu automatically disappears.
  • Page 13: Operating Modes

    Operating Modes The HP 35s has two operating modes: Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) and Algebraic mode (ALG). RPN is usually more efficient than Algebraic, requiring fewer key presses to solve most prob- lems. It is also particularly helpful when working through a prob- lem one step at a time, as all intermediate answers are displayed.
  • Page 14 ters are labeled Z and T. (roll down) key reviews the contents of the stack by "rolling" the contents downward, one register at a time. Sup- pose the stack is filled with 1, 2, 3, 4 (1Ï2Ï3Ï4). Pressing four times “rolls”...
  • Page 15 number that was in the X–register before the last numeric func- tion was executed. Pressing ºÍ returns this value into the X–register. Retrieving the "last x" has two primary uses, correct- ing errors and reusing a number in a calculation. For example, suppose you wanted to find the square root of a number, but pressed by mistake.
  • Page 16: Algebraic Mode

    below. The LAST X register would hold the value of 6 in this example. Figure 5 1 is lost 2 is lost The stack allows longer problems to be evaluated easily. For ÷ × 10 5 17 12 example, to solve , press –...
  • Page 17 operation first, then the number, followed by Ï. To square the number 3, press º=3Ï. For operations requiring two numbers, such as Ù, Ã, ¸, ¯, and ), key the first argument, followed by the operation to be performed, then key the second argument and press Ï...
  • Page 18: Memory And Variables

    9 rather than 7. Memory and Variables The HP 35s has 30KB of memory for storing numbers, equa- tions and programs. Numbers are stored in locations called variables or registers. Variables are named with a letter from A to Z, giving 26 directly addressable memory registers.
  • Page 19: Built-In Functions

    tions. These variables are always available for use. For exam- ple, in ALG mode, to save the currently displayed value into register Q, press ºeQÏ. To recall the value to use it again, press hQÏ. The stack registers X, Y, Z, and T are not the same as the memory registers with the same letter.
  • Page 20 Table 3 Built-in Functions Keys Functions Numeric integration of an " equation Numeric evaluation and roots of ºÛ an expression Natural and common logarithm, º& $º# ¹! , reciprocal, , and )¹',?º= Percent and percentage change ºm¹p Sine, cosine, tangent, and inverses Hyperbolic trigonometric ¹:knq...
  • Page 21 Table 3 Built-in Functions Keys Functions ¹g (Menu) Quotient and remainder, integer division Miles to kilometers, pounds to º<¹;º» kilograms, gallons to liters, ¹¼ºÁ¹Â inches to centimeters, Fahrenheit to Celsius, and inverses º¿ ¹Àº½¹¾ Hours, minutes, seconds to ¹5º³ decimal hours and inverse Degrees to radians and radians ¹µº´...
  • Page 22: Physics Constants

    Physics Constants Press ¹Ü to view and use any of the 41 built–in physics constants. The values of these constants that have units are in SI units (International Standard). Table 4 Physics Constants Physics Constants Speed of light in vacuum Standard acceleration of gravity Newtonian constant of Nuclear magneton...
  • Page 23 Table 4 Physics Constants Physics Constants Magnetic flux quantum Celsius temperature of melting point of water ice in degrees Kelvin Vacuum dielectric constant Standard atmosphere Molar gas constant Proton gyromagnetic ratio Faraday constant First radiation constant Atomic mass constant Second radiation constant Magnetic permeability of Conductance quantum vacuum...
  • Page 24: Fractions

    or example, since the speed of light, c, in meters per second is the first constant on the first page of the constants menu, to sub- tract one meter per second from it in ALG mode, press ¹ÜÏÃ1Ï Figure 7 Note: constants are referred to by their symbols rather than their numeric values when used in expressions, equations, and pro- grams.
  • Page 25: Complex Numbers

    Figure 8 To display values entered as fractions use the Fraction Display ºÉ. Figure 9 If values are displayed as decimal values, pressing ºÉ changes the display view to show fractions. Pressing it again changes the display back to decimal values. More exact control of the fraction display is possible using the ¹Ê...
  • Page 26 4 complex numbers at one time. In ALG mode, an expression can contain as many complex numbers as needed. The HP 35s processes complex arithmetic (+, –, x, ÷), complex trigonometry (sin, cos, tan), and the mathematics functions –z, 1/z, ln z, and .
  • Page 27: Vectors

    5+6i, in either RPN or ALG mode, press 566 to enter the vector, then press to place the HP 35s into the complex number rθa display mode. The magnitude is displayed as the 7.81 portion of the complex number as shown in the display graphic above.
  • Page 28: Statistics

    Figure 12 Statistics The HP 35s can analyze a set of one or two variable statistical data made up of real numbers. The functions provided include the mean of X and Y values, the average of X weighted by Y, as...
  • Page 29 well as the sample and population standard deviations. Statisti- cal data are entered using the / key. If you make a mistake entering a value or values, key them in again and press ¹- to remove them. For example, suppose you wish to find the average X and Y val- ues of the following set of data points: (1,2), (4,5), and (9,4).
  • Page 30: Linear Regression

    ¹( in either mode. Linear Regression The HP 35s can estimate the equation of a straight line that best fits a set of (x,y) real number data points. For example, suppose you wish to fit a straight line to these data points: (1,2), (4,5), and (9,4).
  • Page 31 pressing 1Ï2/4Ï5/9Ï4/. To view the results of the linear regression, press ¹% to view the linear regression menu. The first menu entries are used to estimate an X value given a value of Y, and a Y value given a value of X. Figure 16 Figure 17 The third entry on the menu displays the correlation coefficient,...
  • Page 32: Equations And Hp Solve

    The HP Solve and integration features can be extended to work with programs as well as expressions. Pressing the d key displays the HP 35s equation cata- log. Figure 19 If there are no user- entered equations, the display appears as shown at right.
  • Page 33: Evaluating Expressions

    You can specify that an equation evaluates, solves for unknown values (find roots), and is used for numeric integration. Evaluating Expressions The HP 35s evaluates expressions entered into the equation list. For example, if you wish to evaluate X –4 for various values of X, press d and then press hX)2Ã4Ï.
  • Page 34 The display shows the value of the expression when X=3, which is 5. Figure 22 To evaluate the expression at another value of X, press the d key, then Ï, and key the next value of X and ¥. This operation can be repeated as often as you may need to evalu- ate the expression at different values of a variable.
  • Page 35: Finding Roots Of Equations

    Ï1¥3¥. Figure 24 Finding Roots of Equations The HP 35s can find roots of equations entered into the equa- tion list. For example, suppose you wish to find the roots of the polynomial, X – 3X + 2 = 0. First, enter the equation into the equation catalog.
  • Page 36: Integrating Expressions

    Integrating Expressions The HP 35s numerically integrates expressions in the equation catalog or program routines that define the function to be inte- grated. Note: the display mode is used to specify the desired...
  • Page 37 accuracy of a result, which also affects the time taken to get a result. FIX 2 returns a result much faster than SCI 9, but it is also less precise. For example, to integrate 1/X from 1 to 4, press d,hXÏ...
  • Page 38: Linear Solver

    by pressing the letter key X. The message “INTEGRATING” briefly displays before the result of 1.39 appears. Figure 30 For another example, to integrate Te from 0 to 10, first enter the expression into the equation catalog by pressing dhT¸º#zhTÏ. The display appears as shown below.
  • Page 39 Not every system of linear equations has a solution. Some sys- tems have an infinite number of solutions. The linear solver equations built into the HP 35s detects situations where no solu- tion exists, or where an infinite number of solutions exist.
  • Page 40 Figure 33 Begin the solution by pressing ºÛ. The HP 35s prompts for the entry of the six coefficients, which are stored in lettered variables A through F. The value stored in variable A is dis- played, which you may use by pressing ¥, or replace by key- ing in another value and pressing ¥.
  • Page 41: Programming

    annunciators at the right of the display indicate that more information exists. Press Ø to display the value found for Y. Figure 36 The solution to this 2 by 2 system is {X = 4, Y = – 2}. Solving 3 by 3 linear systems is done in the same manner.
  • Page 42: Rpn Programming Example

    • Saving space by using portions of a program requiring multiple executions as subroutines. • Indicating an intermediate result by pausing to display the current contents of the X register. Suppose, for example, you need to compute the areas of sev- eral circles.
  • Page 43 Now, enter the program by typing: ¹Ô. Each line of the program ºÓA ¹ begins with the letter of the label and then has a three–digit line number. (See displays below). Figure 38 Figure 39 Figure 40 The rest of the program line is a function or program instruction. The program instructions here are the Ó...
  • Page 44: Alg Programming Example

    To use this program, press ¹Ô to move out of program mode and return to the top of the program. To calculate the area of a circle with a radius of 5, make sure RPN mode is set (9 ) and press ¥.
  • Page 45 Here is a step-by-step explanation of this program: Program line B002 is an instruction to set ALG mode, to make sure program B is not accidentally used in RPN mode. If you always work in ALG mode, or if you always remember to switch to the proper mode before using this program, then this pro- gram line is not needed –...
  • Page 46: Additional Resources

    Additional Resources There are additional resources designed to help you get the most out of your HP 35s calculator. In addition to this quick start guide, a printed copy of the user's guide can be obtained free 42 Getting Started...
  • Page 47: Warranty And Contact Information

    HP Customer Care at 800-HP-INVENT. HP also provides a detailed series of training aids and learning modules specifically tailored to the capabilities of your HP 35s calculator. Refer to the HP website for the various learning prod- ucts available for the HP 35s.
  • Page 48: Limited Hardware Warranty Period

    with HP. Limited Hardware Warranty Period Duration: 12 months total (may vary by region, please visit www.hp.com/support for latest information). General Terms EXCEPT FOR THE WARRANTIES SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED FOR IN SUBSEQUENT PARARGRAPHS OF THIS SECTION, HP MAKES NO OTHER EXPRESS WAR- RANTY OR CONDITION WHETHER WRITTEN OR ORAL.
  • Page 49: Exclusions

    Notwithstanding the above disclaimers, HP expressly warrants to you, the end-user customer, that HP hardware, accessories and supplies will be free from defects in materials and workmanship after the date of purchase, for the period specified above. If HP receives notice of such defects during the warranty period, HP will, at its option, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective.
  • Page 50: Getting Started

    nearest you from the list below. Have your proof of purchase and calculator serial number ready when you call. Telephone numbers are subject to change, and local and national telephone rates may apply. For more support information, please visit the web at: www.hp.com/ support.
  • Page 51 Table 1- 1 Customer Care Country Hotline Phone Country Hotline Phone China 010-58301327 Columbia 01-8000-51- 4746-8368 (01- 8000-51- HP INVENT) Costa Rica 0-800-01 1-0524 Croatia www.hp.com/ support Curacao 001-800-872- Czech Republic 296 335 612 2881 + 800-71 1- 2884 Denmark 82 33 28 44 Dominica 1-800-71 1-2884...
  • Page 52 Table 1- 1 Customer Care Country Hotline Phone Country Hotline Phone Ghana www.hp.com/ Greece 210 969 6421 support Grenada 1-800-71 1-2884 Guadelupe 0-800-990-01 1; 800-71 1-2884 Guatemala 1-800-999-5105 Guyana 159 ; 800-71 1- 2884 Haiti 183 ; 800-71 1- Honduras 800-0- 1 23 ;...
  • Page 53 Table 1- 1 Customer Care Country Hotline Phone Country Hotline Phone Mauritius www.hp.com/ Mexico 01-800-474- support 68368 (800 HP INVENT) Montenegro www.hp.com/ Montserrat 1-800-71 1-2884 support Morocco www.hp.com/ Namibia www.hp.com/ support support Netherland 001-800-872- Netherlands 020 654 5301 Antilles 2881 ; 800-71 1- 2884 New Zealand 0800-551-664...
  • Page 54 Table 1- 1 Customer Care Country Hotline Phone Country Hotline Phone Saudi Arabia www.hp.com/ Serbia www.hp.com/ support support Singapore +65 6100 6682 Slovakia www.hp.com/ support South Africa 0800980410 South Korea 2-561-2700 Spain 913753382 St Vincent 01-800-71 1-2884 St Kitts & Nevis 1-800-71 1-2884 St Lucia 1-800-478-4602...
  • Page 55: Product Regulatory & Environment Information

    • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio or television technician for help. Modifications The FCC requires the user to be notified that any changes or modifications made to this device that are not expressly approved by Hewlett-Packard Company may Getting Started 51...
  • Page 56 If you have questions about the product that are not related to this declaration, write to: Hewlett-Packard Company P.O. Box 692000, Mail Stop 5301 13 Houston, TX 77269-2000...
  • Page 57 • Compliance with these directives implies conformity to applicable harmonized European standards (European Norms) which are listed on the EU Declaration of Conformity issued by Hewlett-Packard for this product or product family. This compliance is indicated by the following conformity marking placed on the...
  • Page 58 Japanese Notice Disposal of Waste Equipment by Users in Private Household in the European Union This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product just not be disposed of with your other household waste. Instead, it is your responsibility to dispose of your waste equipment by handing it over to a designated collection point for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic...
  • Page 59 http://www.hp.com/go/reach Perchlorate Material - special handling may apply This calculator's Memory Backup battery may contain perchlorate and may require special handling when recycled or disposed in California. Getting Started 55...
  • Page 60 56 Getting Started...

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