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Fixture Setup; Setting Up A Fixture With A Pc And Mum - Martin Extube User Manual

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Fixture setup

Setting up a fixture with a PC and MUM

The Martin MUM (Multi-Utility Manager) application allows you to program
and configure Martin lighting products from a laptop and features an
intuitive GUI (graphic user interface). Refer to the MUM user manual for
instructions on installing and starting the MUM application.
Using MUM, you can connect to and set up one Extube fixture or one
interconnected line of fixtures at a time.
To connect a PC with MUM to an Extube:
1. Obtain the MUM application, a DABS1 adaptor and interface cables.
2. Connect the DABS1 adaptor to your PC using the USB cable supplied
3. Connect the DABS1 adaptor to the Extube or line of Extubes using an
4. Apply power to the Extube and start the MUM application. MUM will
Communication between MUM and fixtures
When there is a connection to a fixture:
• The Reconnect button at the bottom of every window in MUM lets you
re-initialize communication with the fixture or establish communication if
you connect to a new Extube.
• The Refresh button retrieves and displays fresh fixture information.
• The Close button closes the MUM application.
These are available as a set from Martin, P/N 90758090.
in the set.
XLR connector connected to the Extube data input cable.
automatically detect an Extube if it is powered on and correctly
connected. It will also retrieve information and current settings from
the fixture and display them.
Fixture setup