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The Phone's Web Interface - Snom D715 User Manual

Snom d715; 715 ip phones
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D715/snom 715 User Manual
he phone's web interface
Firmware versions below 8.7.4
When the web interface is opened for the first time upon initialization, you will see the Security page.
We urge you to set administrator and HTTP passwords to protect your phone from remote attacks.
The default administrator password is 0000 (4 zeros); there is no default HTTP password.
If you do not replace the default administrator password by an individual one, an
unauthorized third party with access to the phone could set an administrator password
unknown to you. In such a case, you would no longer be able to switch from user mode to
administrator mode. Unauthorized third parties would also be able to set the phone back to
factory values.
If you do not set an HTTP password, you make it easier for experienced hackers to break
into your system.
If you set your own passwords, be sure to write them down and store them in a secure
Without the administrator password, you will not be able to return the phone and the web
interface from user mode to administrator mode; many settings will be inaccessible.
Without HTTP password you cannot open the phone's web interface.
If you do not wish to set an HTTP password, you can turn off the reminder on the phone's display
until the next reboot or forever by clicking on the respective button. If you change your mind later, you
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