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Reassembly - Hitachi CM 4SB2 Technical Data And Service Manual

110 mm cutter
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8-2. Reassembly

Reassembly can be accomplished by following the disassembly procedures in reverse. However, special
attention should be given to the following items.
(1) Mounting direction of Washer (A) [45] and Dust Seal [6] (Fig. 10-1)
Check that there is a clearance between the Ball Bearing 629VVC2PS2L [44] and Washer (A) [45], and
between the Ball Bearing 608VVC2PS2L [7] and the Dust Seal [6].
(2) Sufficiently apply grease to the tooth portions of the Pinion [43] and the Gear [56] by rubbing with fingers.
Insufficient greasing may cause an early wear of the Pinion [43] and the Gear [56].
(3) Be careful of the mounting direction of the Cord Clip [26]. (Fig. 10-2)
Cord dia.: More than 6.4 mm,
(4) Lubrication
Nippeco SEP-3A grease
Tooth portion of the Pinion [43]
Tooth portion of the Gear [56]
Inside of the gear chamber of the Gear Cover [41]: 5 g
Inner and outer circumferences of the O-ring [33]
Viewed from the fan
8.5 mm or less
Viewed from the commutator
Fig. 10-1
Cord dia.: More than 8.5 mm,
10.8 mm or less
Fig. 10-2
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