Repair Guide; Precautions In Disassembly And Reassembly - Hitachi CM 5SB Technical Data And Service Manual

125/230 mm (5" / 9")
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Before attempting disassembly or reassembly, ensure without fail that the switch is turned off and the plug
is disconnected from the power source outlet.

1. Precautions in disassembly and reassembly

The [Bold] numbers in the description below correspond to the item numbers in the Parts Lists and the
exploded assembly diagrams for the Models CM 5SB, CM 9SR and CM 9UBY.
The main bodies of the Models CM 5SB, CM 9SR and CM 9UBY are common to those of the base Models
G 13SB3, G 23SR and G 23UBY respectively. Therefore, only the disassembly and reassembly procedures
of the newly designed dust collection cover unit are described below.
A. Dust Collection Aadapter Ass'y [65] (Model CM 5SB)
(1) Loosen the Knob Bolt M5 [66] and remove Cover
(A) [38].
(2) Loosen the Wheel Nut 5/8"-11UNC [37] using the
attached Wrench [502]. Remove the diamond
wheel and the Wheel Washer [30] together from
the Spindle [29].
(3) Loosen the two Machine Screws (W/Sp. Washer)
M5 x 16 (Black) [32] and remove the Dust
Collection Adapter Ass'y [65] (Dust Collector
Cover (A) [34]) from the Packing Gland [26].
(4) Loosen the Wing Nut M6 [41] and remove the
Sleeve [40], Bolt (Square) M6 x 20 [35] and Slide
Guide (A) [36] from Dust Collector Cover (A) [34].


Diamond wheel


Table of Contents

Table of Contents