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Hitachi CM 4SB2 Technical Data And Service Manual page 6

110 mm cutter
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(3) The ball bearing at the commutator side is covered with the metal bearing bushing
The resin housing incorporates the metal bearing bushing and the outer frame is covered with the resin tail
cover to cope with weakness of the resin housing that it melts by heat of the ball bearing due to overload
operation. This resin tail cover also prevents the CB cap from being loose by vibration.
(4) Soft-grip handle for comfortable grip and fit
The handle grip is entirely covered with a soft resin material (called "elastomer") for nonskid grip and
comfortable fit. This handle offers less user fatigue even if it is operated for a long time.
(5) Easy to use toolless base adjustment mechanism for secure fixation of the base
The Model CM 4SB2 has the base adjustment mechanism equipped with a lever to adjust the cutting depth
without the aid of tools. In the case of the conventional models and the competitors, a wing bolt is used to fix
the base link. However, there is a problem that such a wing bolt is apt to be loose during operation and lost
without being noticed. In the case of the Model CM 4SB2, the base can be easily fixed and loosened just by
raising and lowering the lever. In addition, the lever is prevented from being loose during operation.
(6) Short distance (L) between the blade tip and the base edge
Back side
CB cap
--- 3 ---
Resin tail cover
Metal bearing bushing
The Model CM 4SB2 has the uniquely shaped
base unit to shorten the dimension (L) as shown
in the left figure. It is convenient for edge cutting.
Comparison of the dimension (L)
The dimension (L) of the Model CM 4SB2 is
28 mm as shown in the table above. It is the
shortest among the current models and C by
10 mm or more.


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