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Repair Guide; Precautions On Disassembly And Reassembly - Hitachi CM 4ST Technical Data And Service Manual

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1. Precautions on Disassembly and Reassembly

[Bold] numbers in the descriptions below correspond to item numbers in the Parts List and exploded
assembly diagram for the Model CM 4ST.
Note on disassembly: Before starting disassembly, be sure to disconnect the power plug from the power supply.
1. Removal of the diamond wheel
Remove the diamond wheel while being very careful to avoid damaging it and causing possible injury.
(Note that the Bolt (Left Hand) M7 x 15 [49] that secures the diamond wheel in place is left-hand threaded.)
2. Disassembly of the gear cover
and base (Fig. 2)
(W/Washers) M5 x 25 [20] that fasten the
Housing Ass'y [16] and Gear Cover [41],
and then remove the Gear Cover.
(2) Loosen the Wing Bolt M6 x 37 [55] that
couples the Base [52] and Gear Cover
[41], and then remove the Spring Washer
M6 [54] and Sleeve [53].
(3) Extract the Roll Pin D6 x 32 [51] that
fastens the Base [52] and Gear Cover
[41], and then remove the Base [52].
3. Disassembly of the spindle gear
(1) Loosen the two Seal Lock Screw (W/Sp.
Washer) M5 x 25 [48], and then use a
wooden or plastic hammer to gently tap on
the end surface of the Gear Cover [41] to
loosen and remove the Bearing Holder
[38], Spindle And Gear Set [39], and
related parts as shown in Fig. 3.
(2) Support the Bearing Holder [38] with an
appropriate jig, and then use a hand press
to push down on the end surface of the
spindle, to order to remove the Spindle
And Gear Set [39], Distance Piece [36],
and O-Ring [34].
If the spindle must be replaced, replace
both the spindle and gear without fail.
As both parts are joined by keyless
pressure fitting, attempting to join old
and new components will reduce the
fitting strength.


Bearing Holder [38]
Fig. 2
Roll Pin
D6 x 32 [51]
Base [52]
Sleeve [53]
Spring Washer M6 [54]
Fig. 3
Gear Cover [41]
Ball Bearing 606ZZC2PS2L [40]
Spindle And Gear Set [39]
Ball Bearing 6002VVCMPS2L [37]
Distance Piece [36]
Bearing Cap [35]
O-Ring [34]
Distance Piece [36]
Bearing Cap [35]
Bearing Holder [38]
Gear Cover [41]
Wing Bolt
M6 x 37 [55]
Seal Lock Screw
(W/Sp. Washer) M5 x 25 [48]
Spindle And Gear Set [39]
O-Ring [34]
Ball Bearing
6002VVCMPS2L [37]
37 mm