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Korg R3 Owner's Manual: Vocoder Parameters; Front Panel Vocoder Parameters

Synthesizer / vocoder.
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[VOCODER] button
This switches the Vocoder function on/off.
Off (key unlit): Vocoder is off. The pro-
gram will not use the vocoder.
On (key lit): Vocoder on. The program will
use the vocoder.
EDIT (key blinking): The vocoder param-
eters can now be edited. When the vocoder
is on or off, press the key once again to
make it blink; vocoder parameters will be
assigned to knobs [1]–[4], and you can con-
trol the vocoder parameters by operating
these knobs while you play. Turn the
[PAGE] dial to select the group of vocoder
parameters you want to edit. (☞ p.55–60
34. Carrier–39. Lvl/Pan pages)

Front panel vocoder parameters

These are the parameters that can be set from the front panel Vocoder section.
This key lets you use formant motion data
as the vocoder's modulator.
Off (key unlit): Formant Motion off. The
audio source selected by "AudioSrc" is
used as the modulator.
On (key lit): Formant Motion on. Formant
motion data is used as the modulator. Use
the 35. Mod-A page to specify how the data
is played.
If this is on, the audio source (AudioSrc)
input will automatically be turned off.
This key lets you record formant motion
data for use as the vocoder's modulator.
For the procedure of recording formant
motion data, refer to "Recording formant
motion data" on page 18.
Off (key unlit): Recording off.
Record Ready (key blinking): Ready to
record formant motion data.
Recording (key lit): Recording formant
motion data.
The data is not saved in internal
memory unless you write the data
when you are done recording.


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