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Korg R3 Owner's Manual: Formant Motion; What Is A Formant Motion; Recording Formant Motion Data

Synthesizer / vocoder.
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1. What is a Formant Motion?

Basically, the Formant Motion function records and saves the vocoder's
"analysis" of a changing modulator signal. This saved formant motion
data can be used to produce vocoder effects without having to vocalize
into a mic each time you perform. In its internal memory, the R3 can store
sixteen sets of formant motion data, each up to 7.5 seconds long. Vocoder
programs (programs for which the [VOCODER] button is lit) can use this
data. When the R3 is shipped from the factory, bank O (FORMANT
MOTION) contains preloaded programs that use formant motion data.
You can select and play programs from this bank to hear the formant
motion effect.

2. Recording formant motion data

Preparing to record
Turn the [AUDIO INPUT 1] knob all the way to the left, and set the
[MIC] switch to XLR.
Connect the included mic to the [MIC] connector (☞p.8).
Select a vocoder program from bank P (VOCODER). The [VOCODER]
button will light up.
Sing or talk into the mic, and turn the [AUDIO INPUT 1] knob up (to
the right) as far as you can, without allowing the AUDIO INPUT 1 LED
to light red.
Press the [VOCODER] button.
The button will blink.
Press the FORMANT MOTION [REC] button.
The button will blink, and you'll be in the record-ready condition.
Press the FORMANT MOTION [REC] button once again.
The moment you press the [REC] button, recording will begin and the
button will light.

Formant Motion

Speak or sing into the mic.
Press the FORMANT MOTION [REC] button to stop recording.
Recording will stop automatically when the memory is full.
Press the FORMANT MOTION [ON/OFF] button (the button will
Now you can play the vocoder program using the formant motion
data that you just recorded.
Here's how to save the formant motion data you just recorded.
Press the [WRITE] button.
Make sure that the main display indicates "Formant" (i.e., that
formant motion data is the data that will be saved).
If the display indicates "Program" or "Global," use the [PAGE] dial to
select Formant.
Press the [WRITE] button once again.
The main display will indicate the save-destination data number.
Use the [PAGE] dial to specify the numbered location (1-16) where you
want the formant motion data to be saved.
Press the [WRITE] button.
The formant motion data will be saved into the numbered location
that you specified.
5 10
6, 7, 9
11, 12, 14


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