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Korg R3 Owner's Manual: Eg2

Synthesizer / vocoder.
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15. EG2

Here you can adjust the settings for the AMP EG, which applies time-variant change to the volume (☞Figure 15-1). Using the AMP EG settings,
you can make the volume change as time passes. Create the desired volume curve by adjusting the ADSR parameters; ATTACK (knob [1]),
DECAY (knob [2]), SUSTAIN (knob [3]), RELEASE (knob [4]).
You can use EG2 as a Virtual Patch source to modulate parameters other than volume. (☞p.45)
Knob [1]
Attack2 (Attack EG2)
Specifies the time from note-on (when the
key is pressed) until the attack level (maxi-
mum value of the envelope) is reached.
Figure 15-1: EG2 envelope
Note on
Note off
Attack Level
[1]: Attack Time
[3]: Sustain Level
[2]: Decay Time
[4]: Release Time
Knob [2]
Decay2 (Decay EG2)
Specifies the time from when the attack
level is reached until the sustain level (SUS-
TAIN) is reached.
EG (Envelope Generator)
To a significant extent, each sound has its own distinctive volume curve. For example when you
play a note on a piano, the note begins at the maximum volume, and gradually diminishes. When
you release your finger from the key, the sound will disappear quickly with a brief decay. Volume
curves such as this are an important aspect of how we identify the sound of a specific instrument.
This type of change also occurs in the tone and pitch, as well as in the volume. On a synthesizer, this
type of change is produced by an EG. The R3 has dedicated EGs for the filter and for the amp.
However since these EGs can be used as Virtual Patch sources, you are also free to use them to vary
the pitch or numerous other aspects of the sound.
Some example amp EG settings are shown below.
Note on
Note off
Attack: 0
Sustain: 0
Decay: 100 – 127
Release: 5–25
Knob [3]
Sustain2 (Sustain EG2)
Specifies the volume that will be main-
tained after the decay time has elapsed, as
long as you continue holding the key.
Note on
Note off
Attack: 0
Sustain: 127
Decay: —
Release: 0
Knob [4]
Release2 (Release EG2)
Specifies the time from note-off (when the
key is released) until the level reaches 0.
Note on
Note off
Attack: 40
Sustain: 75
Decay: 50
Release: 50


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