Monitoring Your Network; Viewing The Gateway Software Information; Figure 16 - Svg6X82 Status Software Page - Motorola SURFboard SVG6582 User Manual

Svg6x82 series wireless voice gateway
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Monitoring Your Network

Use the SVG6x82 Status pages to obtain information about the gateway hardware and software, MAC
address, gateway IP address, serial number; and to monitor the gateway system connection.

Viewing the Gateway Software Information

The Software status page displays information about the hardware version, software version, MAC
address, cable modem IP address, serial number, system "up" time, and network registration status.
To open the Status Software page:
1. Click Status on the SVG6x82 Menu Options bar.
2. Click Software from the Status submenu options.
3. Click the Refresh button in your web browser to refresh the information on this page.
SVG6x82 Series Wireless Voice Gateway • User Guide
Monitoring Your Network
Figure 16 – SVG6x82 Status Software Page

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Table of Contents

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