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Transfer a Call

1. To transfer an active call, press the Softkey located directly below Transf. on the
LCD screen.
2. Dial the number to which the call is to be transferred.
3. Once the line begins to ring, push the Transf. key again or wait until the party
answers, announce the call, and then press the Transf. key.
4. Hang up to end involvement in the call.
• Note: If you need to cancel your transfer (such as the person you are transferring
the call to does not answer), press the End Call softkey to end that call and then
press Resume to return to your original call.

Transfer a Call Directly to Voicemail

1. Press the Transfer Softkey.
2. Dial ** and then the 5 digit phone number. Ex: **33333
3. Press the Transfer Softkey again to complete the transfer.

Placing a Conference Call

1. Place the initial call.
2. Press the Softkey located directly below the word more until Confrn is visible.
The caller is automatically on hold and a new line is opened.
3. Dial the new party.
4. After the call is answered, press the Confrn Softkey again. This will add the
second party to the call.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 to access more participants to the conference call. (NOTE:
when the initiator of the conference call disconnects, the call is terminated. If the
hold button is
1. used by the initiator, the other parties cannot talk to each other. Use the Mute
button in order to avoid disrupting other callers.
Note: You may add up to 7 to your conference call for a total of 8 conferees.
Dropping the last caller from a conference call
While on a conference call the user can drop the last person who had been
added to the conference call.
1. Press the More Softkey.
2. Choose RmLstC (remove last caller) Softkey. The last person is dropped from
the call.
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Phone and Voicemail Users Guide for Cisco 7961 Phones 

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents