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General Information

Your Cisco phone is a smart phone with context-sensitive buttons. This means that the
functions a button performs change depending on what you're currently doing. For
instance, if you haven't picked up the telephone handset (it is onhook) your buttons will
have different labels then if you have picked up the handset to answer or place a call
(offhook.) As you learn to operate your phone, it is important to understand the phone
behaves differently when it is onhook and offhook.
On-Hook —The phone handset is resting in the cradle, no calls are
active, and you do not have an active dial tone. Your phone provides onhook
dialing, which enables you to enter or choose phone numbers before
activating the call.
Off-Hook —The phone handset is lifted from the cradle, the
speakerphone is active, or any of several other methods are used to get a
dial tone or to answer an incoming call.
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Phone and Voicemail Users Guide for Cisco 7961 Phones 

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents