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Phone and voicemail
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Understanding Lines vs. Calls

Another key concept is differentiating lines and calls. It is sometimes easy to confuse
lines and calls on your phone. Your phone has a limited number of phone lines
programmed on it. Each phone line can handle multiple calls.
The Cisco IP Phone 7961 supports up to six lines. The number of lines available
on your phone depends on how your system administrator has configured your
phone's programmable buttons. To see how many lines you have, look at the line
area of your phone screen. You have as many lines as you have phone
Each line can support multiple calls. Therefore, you might find yourself handling
several calls on one phone line. The default configuration is four calls per line
with a busy trigger of two calls. This means that if you have two active calls,
the next incoming call will trigger the Call Forward – Busy setting and forward the
call to the programmed destination, normally to voicemail.
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Phone and Voicemail Users Guide for Cisco 7961 Phones 

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents