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Troubleshooting Guide; After Sales Service - Whirlpool ACM 631 IX Installation Instructions Manual

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The appliance does not work:
1. Check the mains power supply and that the
appliance is electrically connected
• Switch the appliance off and on to see if the
problem persists.
1. The burner fails to ignite:
• Is the main gas delivery valve open?
• Has the delivery of the town gas (methane) been
• Is the gas cylinder (liquid gas) empty?
Before calling the After-Sales Service
1. See if you can eliminate the problem on your own
(see "Troubleshooting Guide").
2. Switch the appliance off and on again to see if the
problem persists.
If the fault persists after the above checks, contact your
nearest After-Sales Service.
• the type of fault;
• exact type and model of oven;
• the After-Sales Service number (the number given
after the word "Service" on the dataplate) located at
the bottom right of frame of the oven cavity and
visible with the door open. The service number is
also given in the warranty booklet;
• your full address;
• your telephone number.
• Are the openings of the burner clogged?
• Have the cap and burner been positioned correctly
after cleaning? (See paragraph "Care and
3. The burner fails to remain lit:
• Repeat the ignition operation, turning the knob to the
position with the small flame symbol .
For repairs, contact an Authorised After-Sales
Service, indicated in the warranty.
If any work is carried out by technicians not belonging to
the Manufacturer's authorised After-Sales Service
centres, request a receipt specifying the work performed
and make sure the replacement parts are original.
Failure to comply with these instructions can
compromise the safety and quality of the product.



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