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Removing The Door - Whirlpool ACM 631 IX Installation Instructions Manual

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Removing the door

Caution: When carrying out the following operations it is advisable
to wear protective gloves. Carefully follow these instructions to
prevent injury and/or damage to the oven door and hinges.
Pay attention to the oven door hinges: risk of injuring hands!
Open the oven door
Fully open the saddle brackets
While opening the saddle brackets, use a metal tool such as handle
side of a spoon for easy opening.
Close the door almost completely (Fig. 2), and remove by pulling it
NOTE: Proceed in reverse order to refit the door. Make sure the saddle
brackets are lowered before closing the oven door.
Replacing the rear oven lamp:
1. Disconnect the oven from the power supply.
2. After the oven has cooled down, unscrew (anticlockwise) the lamp
cover A (Fig. 3).
3. Replace the lamp (see note).
4. Refit the lamp cover.
5. Reconnect the oven to the power supply.
Note: Only use 25 W/230 V E-14 type T300°C lamps available from
the After-Sales Service.
Important: Do not use the oven until the lamp cover has been
Caution: Glas lids may shatter when heated.
Turn off all the burners before shutting the lid.
(see detail A)
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3



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