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Installation Instructions; Electrical Connection - Whirlpool ACM 631 IX Installation Instructions Manual

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Electrical connection

Before connecting the appliance, make sure:
1. the mains voltage in your home matches that specified on the appliance dataplate;
2. the electrical system adequate for appliance max. power absorption specified on the dataplate;
3. the house electrical system is suitably earthed.
•Connect the appliance to the power supply by means of a suitable disconnecting switch with min. contact opening
distance allowing complete disconnection in category III overvoltage conditions, in compliance with the installation
Notes: After installation, the electrical components must only be accessible with the use of a special tool. The power
cable must be H05VV-F type, in compliance with the table given below.
Type of appliance
Gas hob with gas oven
Connect a power cable of suitable section:
Instructions for the installer
•Disconnect the appliance from the power su pply before carrying out any repairs or operation.
•Installation must be carried out by a qualified technician, in compliance with the current safety regulations.
•The appliance must be earthed.
The Manufacturer declines any liability for injury or damage to people or property due to non-compliance with the
above-mentioned regulations. The appliance dataplate is located at the bottom right of frame of the oven cavity and
visible with the door open. Adjustment conditions are given on a label on the packing. Do not use the oven door for
handling operations, or for removing the appliance from the packing.
Gas connection
For information regarding gas connection instructions, see the section
on "standards" relevant to your country ("References to National
The gas supply system must comply with current local regulations.
The appliance must be connected to the gas supply or gas bottle by
means of a rigid copper or steel pipe with fittings conforming to local
regulations or by means of a continuous s/steel hose conforming to
local regulations.
The hose must not be longer than 2 m.
The hose must be connected directly to the elbow of the outlet union
Important: When using a hose, it must be installed so that no part of
it is contact with hot parts on the back of the appliance or cooker. Its
path must be free of any hindrances and in a place where it can be
inspected along the entire length (Fig.2).
When the appliance is connected to the gas supply, use soapy
water to check for gas leaks.
This appliance shall be installed in accordance with the regulations
in force and only used in a well ventilated space. Read the
instructions before installing or using this appliance
Single-phase power supply
220V 60 HZ
Philippines's plug and AWG wire AWG 16X 2
1,5mm2 grounding wire
3 x 1 mm²
Fig. 1
Fig. 2



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