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Whirlpool ACM 631 IX Installation Instructions Manual page 11

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AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC IGNITION To ignite a gas burner, press the corresponding control knob and whilst pressing, turn it
anticlockwise to the large flame symbol. The igniters can be heard clicking and a small spark can be seen, igniting the gas. If the
burner fails to ignite after a few seconds release the control knob, check that the burners and burner caps are properly located on
the hob and repeat. In case of a power failure the burner can also be lit with a match.
Caution: If any burner fails to ignite for 60 secs, turn the valve and do not attempt to re-ignite for 2 minutes. Likewise, if flame goes
out on an operating gas burner, do not attempt to re-ignite for 2 minutes.
The electrical cooker is commanded by 7 graded switches. "0" of the grades is off location. The
use fields in response to other 6 grades are below.
The upper part of electrical cooker is covered by a protective material resistant to heat.
Turn the switch of the electrical cooker to "3" and then operate the cooker for 5 minutes
in order to burn and so to toughen the protective layer at first use.
During use of electrical cookers, it is required to pay attention to the used saucepans to
have smooth bases. If appropriate sized and smooth based saucepans are used, you can
get the most efficiency from your cooker. It is not suggested to use the little size saucepans
on the big size cooker, because this will cause heat loss and so energy will be wasted.
When the electric cooker button is brought to another position than the "0" position,the
electric burner warning light will be on.
Use only pots which fit the burner diameter.
Before placing the pot on the burner, be sure that its bottom is not wet.
Never operate electric cookers while empty. Pot temperature may be high when the
appliance is in use. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep children and pets away
from the hob both during and after operation.
In case you notice any crack on the electric cooker, it must be immediately switched off
and replacedby the Authorized Service.
After use (in oder to ensure its continuously effective operation and long service life), your
electric cooker needs to be thoroughly cleaned using appropriate cleaning materials. In
order to prevent any formation of rust and preserve their initial appearance, it is
recommended to clean the cookers rubbing them with a piece of cloth that is slightly
damped by oil. Never use steam cleaners.
circular saucepan base
small saucepan diameter
1..........Keeping hot location
2-3......Heating locations at low heat
4-5-6..Cooking - roasting and boiling
saucepan's base is not settled



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