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Installation - Whirlpool ACM 631 IX Installation Instructions Manual

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Important: The covering of the cabinets must be in heat resistant (min. 90°C) material.
If the appliance is installed next to kitchen cabinets, ensure the minimum clearances indicated in the following figure.
There are certain points to pay attention to when positioning the cooker. Make sure to take into consideration the
following recommendations, in order to prevent any problems and hazardous situations that may occur!
The cooker can be positioned near other cabinets provided their height does not exceed the hob level.In selecting a
position for the cooker, make sure the appliance is not placed next to a refrigerator and that there are no flammable or
combustible materials in the vicinity, such as curtains, etc. which can quickly catch fire.
A minimum space of 20 mm between the metal rear cover of the cooker and the wall is required to ensure air
If the counter tops are higher than hob level, they should be at least 110 mm from the sides of the cooker.
To fit them, tilt the appliance and screw the 4 feet in the special threads located in the corners (see Fig.2).
Min. 50 cm (depending on the model)
Fig. 1
Fig. 2



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