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Energy Saving Tips; Oven Accessories - Whirlpool ACM 631 IX Installation Instructions Manual

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• The hob is equipped with burners of different diameters. Use pots and pans of bottom width equal to that of the
burners or slightly larger.
• Only use flat-bottomed pots and pans.
• Pots and pans must not protrude over the control panel.
Rapid (100 mm)
Auxiliary (55 mm)
• If possible, keep pans covered when cooking.
• Cook vegetables, potatoes, etc. with a small amount of water in order to reduce cooking time.
Using a pressure cooker will further reduce energy consumption and cooking time


The accessories supplied depend on the model. The accessories
provided with the oven are listed in the Product Description
Sheet provided separately (under Accessories).
Wire shelf (1)
The wire shelf can be used to grill food or as a support for baking
trays, cake tins and other cooking containers. It can be placed on any
of the runners in the oven.
Baking tray (2)
For baking biscuits, cakes and pizzas.
This tray can also be used for collecting fat and any scraps of food
when placed under the grill; pour a little water in the drip-tray to
prevent spatters of fat and smoke.
Flap panel
To open accessory flap panel, pull the upper part of the flap panel as
When the oven is in use, the inside walls of the accessory drawer and
the metal accessories in the drawer become very hot.
Use oven gloves when removing the accessories.
Knob guard (4)
It protects the knobs against overheating during use of the grill.
Max. diameter ofpan
220-260 mm
120-180 mm
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