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Precautions And General Advice - Whirlpool ACM 631 IX Installation Instructions Manual

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• The appliance is designed solely for domestic use for
cooking food. No other use is allowed. The
Manufacturer declines all liability for inappropriate
use or incorrect setting of the controls.
• Any repairs or adjustments must be carried out
exclusively by a qualified technician.
• Never expose the oven to atmospheric agents.
• Do not place heavy objects on the door as they could
damage the oven compartment and hinges. Do not
cling to the door.
• Do not hang anything heavy on the oven door
• Do not cover the oven floor with aluminium foil or
other objects.
• The oven door must close properly. The door seals
must be kept clean.
• Do not pour water directly inside a hot oven. The
enamel coating could become damaged.
• Fruit juice dripping from the baking tray may leave
permanent stains. It is advisable to clean the
appliance before reusing it.
• To prevent the oven coating from being scratched, do
not drag pots and pans across the bottom of the
• The accessible parts of the appliance may become
very hot during use. Keep children away.
• Never use abrasive materials or substances to clean
the GLASS, as they could damage it.
• The unit becomes very hot during use. Do not touch
the heating elements in the oven.
• Residual condensation after cooking could eventually
damage the oven and surrounding kitchen units. We
recommend that you:
- set the lowest temperature;
- cover food;
- remove food from the oven;
- dry wet parts when the oven is cool.
• Caution: The front panel and oven door handle
become hot when the appliance is used for a long
time at high temperatures.
Do not touch the appliance with wet parts of the body or
use it when barefoot.
• Do not pull the appliance or the power cable to
unplug it.
• Do not allow children to touch:
- the controls and the appliance in general,
especially during and immediately after use: risk of
- packing (bags, polystyrene, metal parts, etc.);
- any appliance to be scrapped.
• The appliance is not intended for use by children or
persons with limited physical, sensory or mental
abilities or without experience and knowledge of it,
unless they are under the supervision of or instructed
in its use by a person responsible for their safety.
• Make sure the electrical cables of any other
appliances used near the oven do not touch hot parts
or get caught in the oven door.
• Do not place flammable materials in the oven or
nearby, due to the risk of fire if the oven is
inadvertently switched on.
• Use oven gloves to remove pans and accessories
when the oven is hot.
• If alcoholic beverages (e.g. rum, cognac, wine, etc.)
are added when roasting or baking cakes, etc.,
remember that alcohol evaporates at high
temperatures. Vapours released by the alcohol may
catch fire on coming into contact with the operating
gas burner.
• Do not heat or cook foods in closed containers. The
pressure created inside could cause them to explode,
damaging the oven.
• Do not use containers made of synthetic material for
cooking (except for packages specifically designed for
this purpose; see the manufacturer's instructions).
They could melt at high temperatures.
• Always pay attention when cooking with oil and
grease. Oil and fat can overheat and catch fire!
• Never pull out fully loaded shelves. Use extreme
• This appliance is suitable for contact with
foodstuffs and complies with EEC (EC) Regulation
no. 1935/2004.
• This appliance is designed for cooking only. Any
other use (e.g. for room heating) is deemed
improper and potentially dangerous.
• This appliance has been designed, manufactured
and marketed in compliance with:
- the safety requirements of EEC Gas Directive
- the safety objectives of Low Voltage Directive
2006/95/EC (which replaces 73/23/EEC as
- the protection requirements of EMC Directive
- the requirements of Directive 93/68/EEC.



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