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Room Ventilation - Whirlpool ACM 631 IX Installation Instructions Manual

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Provision for room ventilation
This appliance is not connected to a fume exhaust device.
Therefore it must be installed and connected in compliance with
current installation regulations.
Particular attention must be paid to the applicable standards
concerning room ventilation.

Room ventilation

This appliance must only be installed and used in well-
ventilated rooms, in compliance with the current and local
regulations, with openings in the walls or with special ducts
enabling adequate natural or forced ventilation, and
ensuring the air necessary for correct combustion and air
In particular, if there is only this gas appliance in the room, a
hood must be installed above it to ensure natural and direct
extraction, with a straight vertical duct of length equal to at least
twice the diameter and a minimum section of at least 100cm
For the inlet of fresh air into the room, a similar opening of at
least 100 cm
directly to the outside must be provided at a
suitable height from the floor so as not to be obstructed on the
inside or outside of the wall and not to hinder the correct
combustion of the burners and the regular extraction of vitiated
air, and with a height difference of at least 180cm with respect to
the outlet opening.
The quantity of air necessary for combustion must not be less
than 2 m
/h for every kW of power (see total power in kW on the
appliance dataplate).In all other cases, when there are other
appliances in the same room, or when direct natural ventilation is
not possible and indirect natural ventilation or forced ventilation
is required, contact a qualified specialist for carrying out
installation and preparing the ventilation system in strict
compliance with the current regulations.
Flues already used by other appliances must not be used for the
fume exhaust.
Electric fan
Air inlet section min.
100 cm
Air outlet section min.
100 cm
Cooker hood
Air inlet section
min. 100 cm
Air inlet section
min. 100 cm



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