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Surface Cooking - Maytag PER3725ACW User Manual

Smoothtop electric range
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There is a strong odor or light smoke when oven is
turned on.
• This is normal for a new range and will disappear after a
few uses. Initiating a clean cycle will "burn off" the odors
more quickly.
• Turning on a ventilation fan will help remove the smoke
and/or odor.
• Excessive food soils on the oven bottom. Use a self-clean
Fault Codes
• BAKE or LOCK may flash rapidly in the display to alert you if
there is an error or a problem. If BAKE or LOCK appear in
the display, press CANCEL pad. If BAKE or LOCK continue
to flash, disconnect power to the appliance. Wait a few
minutes, and then reconnect power. If the flashing still
continues, disconnect power to the appliance and call an
authorized servicer.

Surface Cooking

Surface Controls
Use to turn on the surface elements. An infinite choice of
heat settings is available from LOW to HIGH. The knobs can
be set on or between any of the settings.
Setting the Controls
1. Place pan on surface element.
2. Push in and turn the knob in either direction to the desired
heat setting.
• The control panel is marked to identify which
element the knob controls. For example, the
graphic at right indicates left front element.
3. There is an element "ON" indicator light on the control
panel. When any surface control knob is turned on, the
light will turn on. The light will turn off when all the
surface elements are turned off.
4. After cooking, turn knob to OFF. Remove pan.
Dual Element
(select models)
The cooking surface has a dual element
located in the right front position of the
smoothtop. This allows you to change the
size of this element.
1. Press the switch to the left to use the
large element or to the right to use
the small element.
2. Push in and turn knob in either direction
to the desired heat setting.
• If the oven is heavily soiled, excessive flareups may result in
a fault code during cleaning. Press the CANCEL pad and
allow the oven to cool completely, wipe out excess soil, then
reset the clean cycle. If the fault code reappears, contact an
authorized servicer.
Noises may be heard.
• The oven makes several low level noises. You may hear the
oven relays as they go on and off. This is normal.
• As the oven heats and cools, you may hear sounds of metal
parts expanding and contracting. This is normal and will not
damage your appliance.
There are no beeps and no display.
• Oven may be in Sabbath Mode. See page 15.
"SAb" flashing and then displayed continuously.
• Oven is in Sabbath Mode. To cancel, press and hold the
Clock pad for five seconds.
Suggested Heat Settings
The size, type of cookware and cooking operation will affect
the heat setting. For information on cookware and other
factors affecting heat settings, refer to Cookware
Recommendations on page 11.
LOW (2): Food maintains a
temperature above 140° F without
continuing to cook. Food is heated on
a higher setting until it reaches this
Med. Low (3-4): Use to continue
cooking covered foods or steam
MEDIUM (5-7): Use to maintain
slow boil for large amounts of liquids
and for most frying operations.
Med. High (8-9): Use to brown meat, heat oil for deep fat
frying or sauteing. Maintain fast boil for large amounts of
HIGH (10): Use to bring liquid to a boil. Always reduce
setting to a lower heat when liquids begin to boil or foods
begin to cook.
(Styling may
vary depending
on model)


Table of Contents

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