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Maintenance; Oven Window; Oven Light - Maytag PER3725ACW User Manual

Smoothtop electric range
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Oven Door
• Do not place excessive weight on or stand on an open oven
door. This could cause the range to tip over, break the door,
or injure the user.
• Do not attempt to open or close door or operate oven until
door is properly replaced.
• Never place fingers between hinge and front oven frame.
Hinge arms are spring mounted. If accidentally hit, the hinge
will slam shut against oven frame and could injure your
Note: The oven door on a new range may feel "spongy"
when it is closed. This is normal and will decrease with use.
To remove:
1. When cool, open the oven door to the first stop position
(opened about four inches).
2. Grasp door at each side. Do not use the
door handle to lift door.
3. Lift up evenly until door clears hinge
To replace:
1. Grasp door at each side.
2. Align slots in the door with the hinge arms on the range.
3. Slide the door down onto the hinge arms until the door is
completely seated on the hinges. Push down on the top
corners of the door to completely seat door on hinges. Door
should not appear crooked.

Oven Window

To protect the oven door window:
1. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents such as steel wool
scouring pads or powdered cleansers as they may scratch
the glass.
2. Do not hit the glass with pots, pans, furniture, toys, or other
3. Do not close the oven door until the oven racks are in place.
Scratching, hitting, jarring or stressing the glass may weaken
its structure causing an increased risk of breakage at a later
Leveling Legs
Be sure the anti-tip bracket secures one of the
rear leveling legs to the floor. This bracket pre-
vents the range from accidentally tipping.
Be sure the range is leveled when installed. If
the range is not level, turn the leveling
legs, located at each corner of the
range, until range is level.

Oven Light

• Disconnect power to range before replacing light bulb.
• Use a dry potholder to prevent possible harm to hands
when replacing bulb.
• Be sure bulb is cool before touching bulb.
• Do not touch hot bulb with a damp cloth as this may cause
the bulb to break.
To Replace Oven Light Bulb:
1. When oven is cool, hold bulb cover in place, then slide wire
retainer off cover. NOTE: Bulb cover will fall if not held in
place while removing wire retainer.
2. Remove bulb cover and light
3. Replace with a 40-watt
appliance bulb.
4. Replace bulb cover and
secure with wire retainer.
5. Reconnect power to range. Reset clock.
Convenience Outlet
(Canadian models only)
The convenience outlet is located on the
lower left side of the backguard. Be sure
appliance cords do not rest on or near
the surface element. If the surface
element is turned on, the cord and
outlet will be damaged.
The convenience outlet circuit breaker
may trip if the small appliance plugged
into it exceeds 10 amps. To reset the
circuit breaker, press the switch located
on the lower edge of the backguard.


Table of Contents

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