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1-4-5. Turning On

1. Turn on the TV monitor.
If the IR repeater is installed in the TV monitor, set the
TV monitor to standby mode. The TV monitor will
turn on simultaneously when the Communication
Terminal is turned on.
2. Turn on the power of any other equipment to be used
for the videoconference.
3. Set the power switch on the right side of the
Communication Terminal to the on position (I).
POWER indicators
(Light in green.)
The Communication Terminal turns on after a while. Three
indicators on the front of the Communication Terminal and
the POWER indicator on the camera light, then only the
POWER indicators on both units remain on in green. The
launcher menu will appear on the monitor screen and the
picture shot by the local camera will also appear in the
launcher menu.
Launcher menu
Phone Book
Show Help
Power switch
Angle Adj.
. After the power is turned on, the camera moves
automatically for trial operation. Be careful not to catch
your finger.
. If you use force to prevent the camera moving, it may
not resume moving and not output a signal to the
Communication Terminal. In this case, turn off the
Terminal, and turn it on again.
. When you turn on the power of the Communication
Terminal for the first time after installation, the setup
wizard will appear after the self-diagnosis is completed.
Set up your system following the wizard.
. For setups using the wizard, see "Setting Up the System
for the First Time - Initial Setup Wizard" on page 1-14.
Standby Mode Function
To save power the Communication Terminal will enter
standby mode if you do not operate it for a specified period
of time.
When the Communication Terminal is in standby mode,
the POWER indicator lights in orange. Once the
Communication Terminal receives a call, the standby
mode is automatically released.
To release the standby mode
Press the I/O button on the Remote Commander.
To specify the standby time
Specify the time that you want the system to remain on
before entering into standby mode (1 to 99 minutes) using
"Standby Time" in the General Setup menu. If you do not
want the system to enter the standby mode, set "Standby
Mode" in the General Setup menu to "Off".
For the "Standby Time" and "Standby Mode" settings, see
"General Setup Menu" on page 1-18.
. The POWER indicator on the camera goes off when the
system enters standby mode.
. If you use a Sony TV monitor with the IR repeater
installed under the remote sensor, the TV monitor will
enter standby mode together with the Communication


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