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Filter Plumbing - Jandy CL Versa-Plumb Series Installation And Operation Manual

Cartridge pool filters
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#12x1" Pan Head
Stainless Steel
Screw (Qty 8)
(Qty 4)
Filter Tank Anchor Bracket Installation
Figure 3.
Anchor Bracket Installation
Figure 4.
Pressure Gauge/Air Release Assembly
nut and into the fi lter tank. Use the fl ats
on the tank adapter to tighten. Do not
Place the larger, thinner o-ring onto the
gauge housing. Thread the housing into the
coupler on the tank adapter.
Orient the gauge/air release assembly in the
desired position. Raise and thread the locknut
onto the bottom of the gauge/air release
assembly. Hand tighten the nut only. Using
a wrench to tighten the nut may damage the
nut, gauge or air release assembly.

3.4 Filter Plumbing

This fi lter operates under pressure. When clamped
properly and operated without air in the water
system, this fi lter will operate in a safe manner.
If the system can be subjected to higher pressure
than the maximum rating of any component,
install an ASME
approved automatic pressure
relief valve or pressure regulator in the circulation
system. Set the relief valve or pressure regulator to
lowest working pressure of any of the components
in the system.
Place the fi lter on the concrete pad, lined up with
the inlet/outlet pipes (see Figures 5 and 5A).
Cartridge Pool Filters - CL and CV Series Filters
1/4" x 2-1/4" S.S. Tapcon
Screw and S.S. Washer
Drill 5/32" Hole
Tank Bottom
Tank Adapter
Tank Adapter to Housing
#12x1" Stainless Steel Pan
Head Screws (Qty 2)
Drill Two 3/32" Holes
Through Filter Base
Mounting Bracket
Anchor Bracket to Platform Installation
To reduce pressure losses, 2" (minimum) piping is
recommended for plumbing the system.
For best effi ciency use the fewest possible number
of fi ttings. This will prevent a restriction in the
water fl ow.
5.1 The CV model fi lter comes with a Jandy
Sweep Elbow for this purpose. The sweep
elbow also includes a threaded port and plug
so that a ½" hose bib can be connected for
pressure testing. See Figure 7.
5.2 To install the sweep elbow use the following
To avoid an electrical shock hazard, which can result
in serious injury or death, ensure that all electrical
power to the system is turned off before approaching,
inspecting or troubleshooting any leaking valves
or plumbing that may have caused other electrical
devices in the surrounding area to get wet.
Follow all filter manufacturer's
instructions. NEVER attempt to
assemble, dis as sem ble or adjust the
filter when there is pressurized air in
the system. Starting the pump while
there is any pressurized air in the
system can cause product failure or
also cause the filter lid to be blown
off, which can cause death, serious
personal injury or property dam age.
Switch off the circuit breaker to the
equip ment and open the air relief valve on
top of the fi lter (leave it open during this
If the fi lter is below pool level, close the suction and
return line valves to isolate the fi ltration system.
Remove the drain plug from the fi lter. Let the water
drain from the fi lter.
Page 7
Filter Base
Mounting Tab
3-1/2" Thick
Concrete Pad



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