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Clamp Installation; Section 4. Start-Up And Operation - Jandy CL Versa-Plumb Series Installation And Operation Manual

Cartridge pool filters
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Clamp Ring
"T" Nut and
Threaded Rod
Figure 9.
Filter Clamp Ring

3.5 Clamp Installation

Be certain the o-ring is in position in the lower
tank half. Press the fi lter lid over the lower half
sandwiching the o-ring between the two halves.
Holding the ends of the fi lter clamp apart, position
the hinged segment of the fi lter clamp over both
upper and lower tank fl anges. Bring the ends of the
fi lter clamp together.
Place the "T" nut and threaded rod assembly into
the clamp. Be sure the "T" nut is seated in the
clamp in the proper orientation (See Fig. 9).
Use a 9/16" socket on the tightening nut until the
clamp ring halves touch each other, or are within
1/16" (See Fig. 9) but do not overtighten as the
clamp can break. If unable to tighten as indicated,
do not operate the fi lter and call a service
technician immediately.
After the fi rst week of operation, check the clamp
and retighten if necessary.
Check the fi lter clamp at least once a month.
Follow these instructions carefully.
Improper clamp installation can cause
product failure or also cause the filter
lid to be blown off, which can result
in death, serious personal injury, or
property dam age.

Section 4. Start-Up and Operation

NOTE This section applies to both new pool and
seasonal start-up.
Turn off the pump. Switch off the circuit breaker
to the pump motor.
Cartridge Pool Filters - CL and CV Series Filters
Tightening Nut
w/ Shoulder
Check that the drain plug for CL fi lters or drain
cap for CV fi lters is in place and tight.
Check that the tank clamp is correctly seated and
tight (See Figs. 9 and 10).
NEVER start pump while standing
within five (5) feet of the filter. Starting
the pump while there is pressurized air
in the system can cause product failure
or also cause the filter lid to be blown
off, which can cause death, se ri ous
personal injury or property damage.
NEVER operate the filter system at
more than 50 psi of pressure. Operating
the filter system in excess of 50 psi
can cause the product failure or also
cause filter lid to be blown off, which can
cause death, serious personal injury or
property damage.
DO NOT operate filter at water temperatures above
105° F (40.6° C). Water temperatures above the
manufacturer's recommendations will shorten the
life span of the filter and void the warranty.
Open the pump hair/lint pot lid and fi ll the pump
basket with water to prime the system. Replace the
lid. (You may have to do this several times on new
and seasonal start-ups.)
Completely open the air release valve on the
gauge/air release assembly by turning the knob on
the back of the assembly fully counterclockwise
(do not remove the knob).
Be sure to open any fi lter isolation valves that
were installed in the system.
Stand clear of the fi lter and start the pump to
circulate water through the system. When a steady
stream of water starts to come out of the air release
valve, close the valve.
Watch the pressure gauge to be sure that the
pressure does not exceed 50 psi (with clean
cartridges). If the pressure approaches 50 psi,
immediately turn the pump off and clean the
fi lter cartridges (see Section 6.3). If the pressure
remains high after cleaning the fi lter, refer to the
troubleshooting guide in Section 8 for possible
causes and solutions.



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