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Section 3. Installation Instructions; Filter Location; Anchor Bracket Installation; Filter Preparation - Jandy CL Versa-Plumb Series Installation And Operation Manual

Cartridge pool filters
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Section 3. Installation Instructions

Use equipment only in a pool or spa installation.
Do not connect system to an unregulated city water
system or other external source of pressurized
water producing pressures greater than 35 psi.

3.1 Filter Location

Select a well-drained area, one that does not fl ood
when it rains. Damp, non-ventilated areas should
be avoided.
Provide solid mounting for the fi lter and pump
system. Install system on a concrete slab or solid
concrete blocks to avoid risk of settlement. Do not
use sand to level the fi lter as the sand will wash
away. Filter systems can weigh up to 800 lbs.
Install electrical controls at least fi ve (5) feet from
the fi lter. This will allow enough room to stand
away from the fi lter during start-up.
Allow suffi cient clearance around the fi lter to
permit a visual inspection of the clamp ring
(see Fig. 2).
Allow suffi cient space above the fi lter to remove
the fi lter lid and fi lter element for cleaning and
Position the fi lter to safely direct water drainage.
Align the air release valve to safely direct purged
air or water.
Water discharged from an improperly positioned
filter or valve can create an electrical hazard
which can cause death, serious injury or property
Maintain your pressure gauge in good work ing
order. The pressure gauge is the primary indicator
of how the filter is operating.
Figure 2.
Filter Location
Cartridge Pool Filters - CL and CV Series Filters
If the fi lter needs to be located above the water
level of the pool, it can be raised 2.5 ft. without
affecting the pump effi ciency. A check valve is
recommended on the suction line to the pump.
If the fi lter is to be installed below the water level
of the pool, isolation valves should be installed on
both the suction and return lines to prevent back
fl ow of pool water during any routine servicing
that may be required.

3.2 Anchor Bracket Installation

In some areas, for example Florida, building codes
require that all appliances be securely fastened to the
equipment pad in order to withstand high wind pressures
created by hurricanes. Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.
provides an anchor bracket kit for this purpose. Please
see the Parts List in Section 9 of this manual for the
correct part number. Follow the Anchor Bracket Installa-
tion Kit Instructions to attach the brackets to the fi lter.
NOTE Anchor screws and washers for securing the
anchor bracket to the equipment pad are not
included with the fi lter or the anchor bracket
kit. Zodiac recommends that a ¼" x 2¼" long
stainless steel Tapcon
stainless steel fl at washer are used to mount
each anchor bracket to the equipment pad. The
Tapcon concrete screw meets Florida building
code requirements.
After placing the fi lter on the equipment pad, as outlined
in Section 3.1, drill a 5/32" hole in the concrete at each
of the four (4) brackets on the fi lter. (The correct size
concrete drill bit should be obtained when the concrete
screws are purchased.)
Install the Tapcon screws and washers through each of
the four (4) anchor brackets to secure the fi lter to the
equipment pad. See Figure 3. Do not over-torque the

3.3 Filter Preparation

Check carton for damage due to rough handling
in shipment. If carton or any fi lter components are
damaged, notify carrier immediately.
Carefully remove the accessory package.
A visual inspection of all parts should be made
now. See parts list in Section 9.
With the carton in an upright position, remove the
fi lter tank from the carton.
To mount the pressure gauge/air release assembly
to the top of the fi lter tank (located in the accessory
Place the smaller, thicker o-ring onto the
threads of the tank adapter (see Figure 4).
Slide the tank adapter through the coupling
concrete screw and



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