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Section 8. Troubleshooting - Jandy CL Versa-Plumb Series Installation And Operation Manual

Cartridge pool filters
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Section 8. Troubleshooting

For a list of common problems and solutions see
the Troubleshooting Guide below.
Zodiac recommends that you call a service
technician to do any work on the fi lter/pump
system. For technical assistance, contact our
Technical Support Department at 1.800.822.793.
Table 2.
Troubleshooting Guide
Fault Symptom
Water is not clear.
Low water flow.
Short filter cycles.
High pressure on start-up.
Dirt returns to pool.
Cartridge Pool Filters - CL and CV Series Filters
Possible Problems
Insufficient disinfectant level.
Incorrect pool chemistry.
Heavy bathing and/or dirt loads.
Insufficient running times.
Filter is dirty.
Hole in filter element.
Filter system strainer baskets dirty.
Air leaks on suction side of pump.
Restrictions or blockage in either suction or
return lines.
Filter cartridges need to be cleaned or
Pool water level too low.
Pump not primed.
Pump impeller vanes blocked.
Strainer baskets not being used and/or
broken. (Allow debris into pump.)
Pump operating under speed (low voltage).
Presence of algae clogging filter.
Incorrect water chemistry.
Pump output exceeds design flow rate of
Ineffective cleaning.
Small eyeball fitting in Pool/Spa.
Partially closed valve on return line.
Too large of pump.
Filter cartridges dirty.
Hole in filter cartridge.
Worn o-ring seal inside filter.
Cracked manifold.
Check and adjust disinfectant level.
Test and adjust water chemistry.
Adjust filter time and/or water chemistry.
Increase pump run time.
Clean filter cartridges per instructions.
Replace cartridge.
Check and clean strainer baskets.
Check all connections between pool intake
and pump.
Check all lines for debris or partially closed
Clean or replace filter cartridges per
Fill pool so level is above pump inlet line.
Fill pump with water at basket and replace lid.
Technician required.
Replace baskets.
Technician or electrician required.
Check disinfectant content.
Check pH, total alkalinity and TDS.
Check pump performance.
Clean or replace filter cartridge per
in struc tions.
Replace with larger diameter fitting.
Check and fully open all valves on return line.
Check pump and filter selection.
Clean filter cartridges per instructions.
Replace filter cartridge per instructions.
Replace o-ring.
Replace the manifold assembly.
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