Installation - Electrolux Mercury 4U600 User's Manual And Installation Instructions

Electric cookers - rear control
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This appliance must be installed by an authorised
person in compliance with
local municipal building codes and any
other relevant statutory regulation.
Wiring connections must be made in accordance with:
new Zealand & Australian Requirements, including As/nZs
3000 WIRInG RULes
Refer to data plate for rating information. the data plate
is positioned on the bottom left corner of the oven front,
viewable with the oven door open. the circuit diagram is
positioned on the control panel back cover.
electrical connection is 220-240 volts AC 50 Hz.
to gain access to the mains connection terminals,
remove the rear cover by unscrewing the two
assembly screws.
for new Zealand only:
the cooking range must be connected to the supply by
a supply cord fitted with the appropriately rated plug
that is compatible with the socket-outlet fitted to the
final sub-circuit in the fixed wiring that is intended to
supply this cooking range.
the cooker requires a means of all pole disconnection
incorporated into the fixed wiring. this MUST have a
disconnection gap of 3 mm.
the cooker MUST be earthed. Any damage caused
by failure to earth will not be covered by warranty.
Note: Where connection is made to a multi-phase
220/240V supply, the bridge piece must be removed from
between the active connections on the main terminal block.
should the fuse need servicing it is accessible through
the fuse opening located in the back cover.
Hard wiring detail
Remove terminal cover plate from rear panel
of appliance.
fit wires through hole in cover plate and make
connections to terminals.
engage wires into plastic clip. secure plastic clip with
two long silver screws (supplied in separate bag).
Replace cover plate onto rear panel.
Plastic clip
Plastic clip
securing points

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents