Cleaning And Caring For The Oven - Electrolux Mercury 4U600 User's Manual And Installation Instructions

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Cleaning and caring for your oven
Removing the Oven Shelves
slide the oven shelves towards you until they reach the front
stop. tilt them up at the front to clear the side supports. Lift
them clear. Wash the shelves in hot soapy water. for heavy
baked-on-stains soaking of the shelves may be required. to
install the oven shelves, fit the guide between the two side
rack rails. this will ensure the shelves remain stable.
Removing the Side Racks (shelf supports)
Grasp the shelf support at the front and pull it firmly inwards.
to install the shelf, refer to Installation section.
Removing the Oven Light Glass
switch the oven off before removing the oven light glass.
turn oven Light Glass anticlockwise to remove it for globe
replacement, if necessary use a tea towel, etc for extra grip.
ensure the appliance is switched off at the function
switch before replacing the lamp to avoid the
possibility of electric shock.
When replacing the Light Bulb ensure the replacement is
suitable for high temperatures. We recommend using a
genuine replacement available from electrolux spare parts.
cleaning and caring
the cooker can be disengaged and engaged from the
anti-tilt bracket for cleaning access. At all other times
the cooker MUst be engaged onto the
anti-tilt bracket.
the door glass on this appliance is made from tough
durable material that withstands heating and cooling
without breaking. However it must be remembered
that it is Glass, it may break. treat it accordingly!
should you have any questions about the glass in
your appliance, please contact the customer care
centre by calling 1300 363 640 (Australia) 09 573
2384 (new Zealand). do not use harsh cleaners or
sharp metal scrapers to clean the oven door since
they can scratch the surface, which may result in the
shattering of the glass.
Grill Tray and Grill Pan
Wash the Grill tray and Grill Pan in hot soapy water.
IMPORTANT: Always keep the grill pan clean as
any fat left in it may catch fire.
Grill Compartment
Clean the grill compartment with hot soapy water.
If stronger action is needed use a non-abrasive oven cleaner
applied with a nylon scourer.
Warming Drawer
Note: this compartment will become hot when in
use. do not store flammable components such as
aerosols or plastic components in this compartment.
Clean the Warming drawer compartment with hot soapy

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents