Cleaning And Caring For The Cooker - Electrolux Mercury 4U600 User's Manual And Installation Instructions

Electric cookers - rear control
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Cleaning and caring for the cooker

IMPoRtAnt: Always make sure that the appliance
is turned off before you clean it.
All surfaces should be kept clean to reduce the risk
of damage or fire.
Cleaning Enamel and Glass Doors Panels
Keep it clean by wiping it regularly with a soft cloth dipped
in warm soapy water. Rub persistent stains vigorously with a
creamed powder cleanser.
note: You can also use household oven enamel cleaners -
follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. do not use
harsh abrasive cleaners, nylon scourers, powder cleaners,
steel wool, steam cleaners or wax polishes. Always check
manufacturers recommendations before using their product.
When cleaning glass door panels harsh abrasive cleaners and
sharp metal scrapers should not be used, as they can scratch
the surface and result in premature failure.
Cleaning your Control Panel
• Make sure control knobs are in the off position.
• Clean control panel with a soft damp cloth dipped in warm
soapy water.
do not use excess water when cleaning control panel.
Cleaning your Hotplates
Radiant Hotplates
these hotplates are self-cleaning, so any boil over material will
burn to ash and may be wiped
away when the hotplate is cold.
the elements are removable so the spillage bowls can be
removed for cleaning.
Isolate the appliance before removing the hotplates.
• ensure elements are cold to touch.
• Lift front of element to clear spillage bowl and pull towards
• Remove spillage bowl.
• Wash spillage bowl in hot soapy water.
Radiant Hotplate
Ceramic Hotplates
1. Remove all spilt food and fat with the supplied razor blade
scraper, while the ceramic glass is still warm but not hot.
Wipe clean with dishwashing detergent on a damp cloth.
2. If aluminium foil, plastic items or high sugar content
liquids/foods are allowed to melt on the ceramic glass,
these should be removed immediately with the supplied
razor blade scraper before the surface has cooled down,
otherwise pitting of the surface can occur.
note: Items with high sugar content not only include jam
and fruit, but also vegetables such as peas, tomatoes and
carrots. When the ceramic glass is cool wipe clean with
dishwashing detergent on a damp cloth.
3. do not use abrasive sponges or scourers, as they may
scratch the cooktop.
4. do not use oven sprays or stain removers as these
products may also damage the surface.
Ceramic Hotplate
cleaning and caring 23

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents