Understanding The Functions - Electrolux Mercury 4U600 User's Manual And Installation Instructions

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Understanding the functions

CAUTION: Do not line the bottom of the
oven with foil or place anything on bottom
surface of oven liner as trapped heat will
crack or craze oven liner.
Always remove unnecessary trays or dishes from
oven when baking or roasting.
Preheating Oven
1. for best results when baking preheat your apppliance for
30 minutes
2. when the oven indicator light goes out, put your food in
the oven and close the door. once your food is placed in
the oven adjust the temperature back to the required setting.
Base Heat
Heat comes from the element below the food.
the element is controlled by the thermostat and will turn
on and off to maintain the set temperature. You can use the
“Base Heat” function for single trays of biscuits, cakes,
slices, pies, pizzas & quiches, anything that requires more
cooking on the bottom. Cook in the lower half of your
oven when you are using only one shelf.
Heat comes from two elements, one above and one below
the food. the bottom element is a clean heat element and
is below the floor of the oven. Both elements are controlled
by the thermostat and will turn on and off to maintain the
set temperature.
You can use the “Bake” function for single trays of biscuits,
scones, muffins, cakes, slices, casseroles, baked puddings,
roasts, delicate egg dishes, anything that requires delicate
Heat comes from the element surrounding the fan. this fan
circulates the hot air around the oven cavity so that you can
put your food in different places in the oven and still cook
them at the same time.
You can use the “Thermowave” function for multi shelf
cooking, reheating cooked foods, pastries and complete oven
meals. thermowave may cook at a lower temperature and
be faster than the ’bake or base heat“ option. Please note
that some variation in browning
is normal.
Rapid Heat
“Rapid Heat” allows you to preheat your oven quickly
before cooking with thermowave. With “Rapid Heat”
the fan, fan element and the top bake elements turn on to
heat the oven to the required temperature. “Rapid Heat”
can also be used to quickly cook convenience meals and
provide browning.
the “Defrost” function uses ambient temperature air that
is circulated by the fan. You can defrost (thaw) your food
before you cook it. You can also use “Defrost” to raise
your yeast dough and to dry fruit, vegetables and herbs.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents