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Operation; Storage/Winterizing - STA-RITE DYNA-GLAS Owner's Manual

Dyna-glas and dyna-max centrifugal pumps with integral trap
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Hazardous suction.
Can trap hair or
body parts, causing
severe injury
or death.
Do not block
Figure 5 – Use a pry bar or board as
shown to remove tight lid. Do not
use a pry bar to tighten lid.
NOTICE: NEVER run pump dry. Running pump dry may damage seals, caus-
ing leakage and flooding. Fill pump with water before starting motor.
Before removing trap cover:
1. STOP PUMP before proceeding.
2. CLOSE GATE VALVES in suction and discharge pipes.
3. RELEASE ALL PRESSURE from pump and piping system.
If pump is being pressure tested, be sure pressure has been released be-
fore removing trap cover.
Do not block pump suction. To do so with body may cause severe or
fatal injury. Small children using pool must ALWAYS have close adult
Fire and burn hazard. Modern motors run at high temperatures.
To reduce the risk of fire, do not allow leaves, debris, or foreign matter to col-
lect around the pump motor. To avoid burns when handling the motor, let it
cool for 20 minutes before trying to work on it. An automatic internal cutoff
switch protects the motor from heat damage during operation.
Priming Pump
Release all pressure from filter, pump, and piping system; see the filter owner's
In a flooded suction system (water source higher than pump), pump will prime
itself when suction and discharge valves are opened.
If pump is not in a flooded suction system, unscrew and remove trap cover
(see Figure 5); fill trap and pump with water.
Clean and inspect O-Ring; reinstall on trap cover.
Do not lubricate the trap cover O-Ring. The original equipment O-Ring con-
tains a permanent internal lubricant.
NOTICE: If you replace the O-Ring with a non-internally lubricated O-Ring,
you may need to apply a silicone based lubricant.
Replace trap cover on trap; turn clockwise to tighten cover.
NOTICE: Tighten trap cover by hand only (no wrenches)!
Pump should prime now. Priming time will depend on vertical length of suc-
tion lift and horizontal length of suction piping.
If pump does not prime, make sure that all valves are open, suction pipe end is
under water, pump is not trying to lift water more than 10'(3m), and that there
are no leaks in suction pipe. See Troubleshooting Guide, Pages 12 and 13.


NOTICE: Allowing pump to freeze will damage pump and void warranty!
NOTICE: Do not use anti-freeze solutions (except propylene glycol) in your
pool/spa system. Propylene glycol, "RV antifreeze", is non-toxic and will not
damage plastic system components; other anti-freezes are highly toxic and
may damage plastic components in the system.
Drain all water from pump and piping when expecting freezing temperatures
or when storing pump for a long time (see instructions below).
Keep motor dry and covered during storage.
To avoid condensation/corrosion problems, do not cover pump with plastic.

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