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STA-RITE enviroMAX Owner's Manual

Variable speed pool pump
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For the Installation, Operation and Service of the
Variable Speed Pool Pump
Should the installer or owner be unfamiliar with the correct installation or operation of this type of
equipment you should contact the distributor/manufacturer for the correct advice before proceeding
with the installation or operation of this product. The pump operator or owner must be provided with
this owner's manual.



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  Summary of Contents for STA-RITE enviroMAX

  • Page 1 For the Installation, Operation and Service of the enviroMAX Variable Speed Pool Pump Should the installer or owner be unfamiliar with the correct installation or operation of this type of equipment you should contact the distributor/manufacturer for the correct advice before proceeding with the installation or operation of this product.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents enviroMAX Page Features and Benefits Technical Information Model Data Hydraulic Performance Dimensions Installation Pump Positioning Piping Pool Outlets Electrical Equipotential Bonding Operation Priming the Pump Control panel overview Operating the pump - Speed selection Operating the pump - Variable speed adjustment...
  • Page 3: Features And Benefits

    Features & Benefits enviroMAX The Sta-rite enviroMAX is the ideal pump for new or existing pools. Utilising advanced hydraulic design and the latest technology in permanent magnet, variable speed motors, the Sta-rite enviroMAX has the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. The Sta-rite enviroMAX delivers energy savings and the power when you need it.
  • Page 4: Technical Information

    Technical Information enviroMAX enviroFLO 1100 Model: RPM: Step1 2600RPM (4 hours) default factory setting Step2 2100RPM (4 hours) default factory setting Step3 1600RPM (4 hours) default factory setting Override / Adjustable Range: 600-3450RPM (2 hours) Electrical Rating: 230-240V 50Hz single phase...
  • Page 5: Hydraulic Performance

    Technical Information enviroMAX Hydraulic Performance Sta-rite enviroMAX Performance Chart 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 3450RPM 3100RPM 2850RPM 2600RPM 2350RPM 2100RPM 1850RPM 1600RPM 1350RPM 1100RPM 600RPM 850RPM 100.0 200.0 300.0 400.0 500.0 Flow (L/min) Dimensions...
  • Page 6: Installation

    Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the pump. The enviroMAX is electrically connected. Ensure that it is isolated from electrical supply during installation and any subsequent service work. 1. Plan the position of the pump a) Have enough ventilation to keep ambient temperature below the motor's rated ambient temperature whenever the pump is running.
  • Page 7: Pool Outlets

    Run a wire from the equipotential bonding terminal on the pump to the pool bonding structure. The enviroMAX is double insulated to water circuit.
  • Page 8: Operation

    Operation enviroMAX NEVER run pump dry. Running pump dry may damage seals, causing leakage and flooding. Fill pump with water before starting motor. Freezing conditions will damage the unit, as water expands as it freezes. Ensure that the enviroFLO is located so that it is not prone to freezing, or ensure that the product is disconnected and dried of water during cold conditions.
  • Page 9: Control Panel Overview

    Figure 3: Control Panel !CAUTION If power is connected to the enviroMAX motor, pressing any of the following buttons referred to in this section could result in the motor starting. Failure to recognize this could result in personal injury or damage to equipment.
  • Page 10: Operating The Pump - Speed Selection

    Operation enviroMAX 3a. Operating the pump - Speed selection The Sta-rite enviroFLO comes pre-programmed with the following default speeds: Press for high speed Press for medium speed Press for low speed Override 2600RPM 2100RPM 1600RPM 3100RPM Operating some Cleaning with an...
  • Page 11: Operating The Pump - Control Panel Operation

    3d. Operating the pump - Override The enviroMAX is equipped with an OVERRIDE feature, which can be engaged to temporarily run at higher or lower speeds ranging between 600 to 3450 RPM. Once the OVERRIDE duration has elapsed, the pump will automatically return to the programmed schedule.
  • Page 12: Operating The Pump - Schedule Advance

    This event could cause death or serious personal injury. 3f. Operating the pump - Key lockout The enviroMAX user interface has a “key lockout” HOLD DOWN SIMULTANEOUSLY (3 seconds) feature to prevent unwanted changes to the settings.
  • Page 13: Operating The Pump - Time Out

    Operation enviroMAX 3g. Operating the pump - Time out The “time out” feature that will allow the user to temporarily stop the pump for maintenance work without disrupting the 24 hour schedule (i.e., for backwashing the filter). If the pump is currently running, the user can press and hold the START button for more than three (3) seconds and the pump will stop and remain off until the user presses and holds the START button again for more than three (3) seconds.
  • Page 14: External Control

    Operation enviroMAX 4. External control UI DIGITAL INPUT CONNECTOR Automation System or J202 Solar System Controller STEP 1 (pin 1) STEP 2 (pin 2) STEP 3 EXTERNAL SUPPLY (pin 3) Vac or OVER RIDE (pin 4) COMMON (pin 5) External Supply Range:...
  • Page 15: Service & Maintenance

    It is essential for the longevity of the pump that regular service and maintenance be carried out. The Sta-rite enviroMAX incorporates high velocity moving parts and is pumping water containing harsh pool chemicals. Some parts which will wear during the normal operation and expected life of the pump.
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting enviroMAX To avoid dangerous or fatal electrical shock hazard, turn OFF power to pump and remove plug from power outlet before working on pump. The power supply cord has a type 'Y' attachment and if service is required to the power cord, it must be replaced with the specialised power cord assembly by Pentair Water service agent or similarly qualified personnel in order to avoid a hazard.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting enviroMAX TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE (continued) SYMPTOM CAUSE REMEDY No water coming from pump Prime the pump. Check that there are no Air ingress to system. air leaks in the suction piping or fittings. (pump is working). Ensure the strainer lid is airtight and fitted securely.
  • Page 18: Spare Parts

    Spare Parts enviroMAX...
  • Page 19: Spare Parts Table

    Spare Parts enviroMAX Description Part Number 801927, (405697) MOTOR See Motor SLINGER See Motor Fasteners Kit SCREW 3/8"UNC x 1" HEX SS 801279 MOTOR FASTENERS KIT (INCLUDES ITEM 3x4) SEAL PLATE C3-184P MECHANICAL SEAL 801428 MECHANICAL SEAL (25 PACK) 800900...
  • Page 20 IMPORTANT Please attach your sales invoice/docket here as proof of purchase should warranty service be required. Please do not return Warranty Form to Pentair Australia - please retain for your records. Purchased From ........................Purchase Date........Serial No......Model No....