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STA-RITE DYNA-GLAS Owner's Manual page 13

Dyna-glas and dyna-max centrifugal pumps with integral trap
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Clogged pipe/trap/impeller, worn impeller:
7. Make sure suction trap is not clogged; if it is, clean trap and strainer.
8. Make sure impeller is not clogged (follow steps 1 through 7 under
"Removing Old Seal", Page 11; check impeller for clogging; follow steps
7 through 11 under "Installing New Seal", Page 12, for reassembly).
9. Impeller and diffuser may be worn. If so, order replacement parts from
Repair Parts List, Pages 14 and 15.
10. Pump may be running too slowly; check voltage at motor terminals and at
meter while pump is running. If low, see wiring instructions or consult
power company. Check for loose connections.
11. Pump may be too hot.
A. Check line voltage; if less than 90% or more than 110% of rated volt-
age consult a licensed electrician.
B. Increase ventilation.
C. Reduce ambient temperature.
D. Tighten any loose connections.
1. If suction and discharge piping are not adequately supported, pump as-
sembly will be strained. See "Installation", Page 4.
2. Do not mount pump on a wooden platform! Securely mount on concrete
platform for quietest performance.

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