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Safety Instructions - STA-RITE DYNA-GLAS Owner's Manual

Dyna-glas and dyna-max centrifugal pumps with integral trap
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Always follow basic safety pre-
cautions with this equipment, in-
cluding the following.
To reduce the risk of
injury, do not permit children to
use this product unless they are
closely supervised at all times.
This pump is for use
with permanently installed pools
and may also be used with hot
tubs and spas if so marked. Do
not use with storable pools. A
permanently installed pool is con-
structed in or on the ground or in
a building such that it cannot be
readily disassembled for storage.
A storable pool is constructed so
that it may be readily disassem-
bled for storage and reassembled
to its original integrity.
This is the safety alert symbol. When you see this symbol on your system
or in this manual, look for one of the following signal words and be alert
to the potential for personal injury.
warns about hazards that will cause death, serious personal
injury, or major property damage if ignored.
warns about hazards that can cause death, serious personal
injury, or major property damage if ignored.
warns about hazards that will or can cause minor personal injury
or property damage if ignored.
NOTICE indicates special instructions not related to hazards.
Carefully read and follow all safety instructions in this manual and on equip-
ment. Keep safety labels in good condition; replace if missing or damaged.
Incorrectly installed or tested equipment may fail, causing
severe injury or property damage.
Read and follow instructions in owner's manual when installing
and operating equipment. Have a trained pool professional per-
form all pressure tests.
1. Do not connect system to a high pressure or city water system.
2. Use equipment only in a pool or spa installation.
3. Trapped air in system can cause explosion. BE SURE all air is out of system
before operating or testing equipment.
Before pressure testing, make the following safety checks:
• Check all clamps, bolts, lids, and system accessories before testing.
• Release all air in system before testing.
• Tighten Sta-Rite trap lids to 30 ft. lbs. (4.1 kg-m) torque for testing.
• Water pressure for test must be less than 25 PSI (7.5 kg/cm
• Water Temperature for test must be less than 100
• Limit test to 24 hours. After test, visually check system to be sure it is ready
for operation. Remove trap lid and retighten hand tight only.
NOTICE: These parameters apply to Sta-Rite equipment only. For
non-Sta-Rite equipment, consult manufacturer.
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