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STA-RITE DYNA-GLAS Owner's Manual page 10

Dyna-glas and dyna-max centrifugal pumps with integral trap
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Hazardous voltage.
Can shock, burn,
or cause death.
Disconnect power
before working
on pump or motor.
Figure 6 – Use a pry bar or board as
shown to remove tight lid. Do not
use a pry bar to tighten lid.
For outdoor/unprotected installations:
1. Enclose entire system in a weatherproof enclosure.
2. To avoid condensation/corrosion damage, allow ventilation; do not wrap
system in plastic.
3. Use a 40% propylene glycol/60% water solution to protect pump to -50°F
Draining Pump
Explosion hazard. Purging the system with compressed air can
cause components to explode, with risk of severe injury or death to anyone
nearby. Use only a low pressure (below 5 PSI), high volume blower when air
purging the pump, filter, or piping.
1. Pump down water level below all inlets to the pool.
To avoid dangerous or fatal electrical shock hazard, turn OFF power to
motor before draining pump.
2. Remove trap cover and use low pressure air to blow accumulated water
from the piping system. Use a pry bar or board to remove trap covers that
have been overtightened or have taken a set and cannot be removed by
hand. Lugs have been provided on the trap lid to use a lever or pry bar for
loosening (see Figure 6).
3. Cap inlet piping after draining to keep water out of the pipes.
4. To prevent pump from freezing, remove trap cover and drain the tank body
through the two drain plugs provided.
A. Gravity drain system as far as possible.
B. Protect areas which retain water with non-toxic propylene glycol
antifreeze ("RV" antifreeze).
5. Clean pump thoroughly; replace trap cover.
NOTICE: Tighten trap cover by hand only (no wrenches)! If pump is not
anchored, use caution to not break attached piping!
6. Be sure motor is kept dry and covered.
Startup For Winterized Equipment
1. Remove any temporary weather protection placed around system for shut-
2. Follow filter manufacturer's instructions for reactivation of the filter.
3. Inspect all electrical wiring for damage or deterioration over the shutdown
period. Have a qualified serviceman repair wiring as needed.
4. Inspect and tighten all watertight connections.
5. Open all valves in suction and return piping.
6. Remove any winterizing plugs in piping system.
7. Drain all antifreeze from system.
8. Close all drain valves and replace all drain plugs in piping system.
9. Prime pump according to instructions on Page 9.

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