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Preparations For Operation; Setting Filter In Purifi Er; Inserting Batteries Into Remote Controller - Hitachi EP-A5000 Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Preparations for Operation

Lay a soft cloth or the like beneath the purifier to protect the floor against scratch.
No cleaning effect is obtainable if the filter is installed with plastic bag. It may also be a cause of malfunction.
Do not tip over or tilt the purifier.
Setting Filter in Purifier
Remove the panel.
Place the unit on a level, stable surface.
Hold the panel at both sides, pull it
gently forward and then slightly upward,
and remove it.
Remove the pre-filter.
Remove the filter.
Remove the filter packed in a plastic bag from inside the unit.
Take the filter out of a plastic bag.
Remove the packing.
Install the filter.
Install the filter on the unit.
Install the filter so that the arrow
" FRONT" on the filter side face
will face the panel.
Install the pre-filter.
Reinstall the panel on the unit.
Insert the two tabs on top of the
panel into the two holes on the unit.
Gently push bottom of the panel until
it clicks to close it securely.
To avoid having difficulty in installing the panel, do not push the panel with a single hand or do not push it anywhere except its bottom.
Remove the battery
compartment cover.
(Perform the same procedure when replacing filter.
Be sure to take out the filter from a plastic bag.
Do not block the filter front face with cloth or paper.

Inserting Batteries into Remote Controller

Insert the provided two "AAA" R03 batteries
with the correct polarities as instructed.
Since the batteries are provided when shipped from
the factory, their lives may be shorter than brand-new
ones because of self-discharge.
Batteries are consumable
When replacing batteries, replace the two batteries simultaneously.
Only use two manganese batteries or two alkali batteries.
Do not mix them.
White face of
the filter should
face the front.
Insert into the hole.
Insert batteries and close the cover.
Disengage the tabs of the
pre-filter (4 locations).
Be sure to remove the packing.
Engage the tabs of the
pre-filter (4 locations).

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