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Filter Replacement - Hitachi EP-A5000 Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Purifier Body
Wipe off dirt on the purifi er case using a soft cloth that is moistened
with water and fully wrung. For heavy dirt, use a soft cloth moistened
with neutral detergent thinned with water. After removing dirt, use a dry
soft cloth to wipe off moisture so that no detergent will remain.
To clean the remote infrared receiver, use a thin cotton swab slightly
moistened with water to wipe off dirt. After that, use a dry cotton swab
to remove the moisture.
Remove dust on the surfaces of the panel, air inlet, odor sensor and
humidity sensor using a vacuum cleaner attachment for cleaning
shelves. Then wipe off with a soft cloth.
Vacuum cleaner attachment
for cleaning shelves

Filter Replacement

The fi lter is a consumable part.
For the fi lter replacement interval, use approx. 2 years as a guide when the air purifi er processes the
smoke generated by 5 cigarettes smoking a day.
The dust fi lter should be replaced early if its color shows the resemblance to the color on the dirtiness
label attached to the purifi er body.
The colors on the dirtiness label are shown as a guide only. Depending on the place of installation, actual
color of contaminated filter may differ from the color shown on this label.
For a room with
not much cigarette
For a room with
much cigarette
The fi lter may need to be replaced earlier depending on the place of installation and conditions of use.
When dirt or odor becomes harder to remove, replace the fi lter earlier than suggested. Otherwise, the
fi lter may generate odor.
The fi lter should be replaced earlier in the following cases.
When purifier intakes oily smoke, carbon substance (soot), etc. or when the smell of new building materials
remains after a new house is built or the house is remodeled.
When used in stores, such as in coffee shops, game parlors, barber shops, beauty parlors, or in offices or hotels.
When purifier intakes large amounts of cigarette smoke.
When purifier intakes combustion gas generated by heating appliances.
When purifier intakes solvent content of paint, adhesive, etc.
When used in dusty place near a road where the traffic is heavy.
Be sure to take the fi lter out of a plastic bag before use.
Do not set the filter when it is still in a plastic bag. Otherwise, malfunction may result.
Avoid rough handling.
Do not crush, knead or roll the filter.
Once the filter is broken, the cleaning effect will be lost.
Do not wash the fi lter.
The filter is not washable for reuse. Purchase a new filter for replacement.
The fi lter contains plastics inside. When you dispose of the fi lter, follow relevant local regulations on
(Guide for cleaning: Once a month)
Replacement Interval
Dirtiness label
Filter Replacement Guide
Replace the filter
early if its color
becomes similar to
either color.
Precautions on Filter Handling
Humidity sensor
Remote infrared receiver
Odor sensor
Remote infrared

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