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Water Tank · Humidifying Filter - Hitachi EP-A5000 Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Change water daily with fresh tap water.
Discard remaining water in the tank if any.
Pour small quantity of tap water, tighten the cap firmly and shake to wash.
(Change water and repeat the steps 2-3 times.)
Do not use detergents (neither kitchen nor laundry use) for cleaning.
Do not push in the pin at the cap center. Doing so may cause water leakage.
Be sure to stop operation before removing the water tank.
Do not set the water tank without having the water tray in place. Otherwise, the water tank may tip over.
When you remove the water tank, water may drip from the tank cap.
Humidifying Filter
The humidifying system employed in this product is of evaporating type that produces moisturized air by
passing air stream through the humidifying filter.
Depending on application environment, dirt or odor may adhere to the humidifying filter even when the
"Humidify" or "Skin Moisturize" mode is not performed.
When "Humidify" or "Skin Moisturize" mode is used, be sure to pour tap water into the water tank.
Although the humidifying filter has been given anti-bacterial and anti-mold processing, it may get slimy or moldy,
or may be discolored to pink, red, green, brown or gray within a short period of use depending on the quality of
tap water used and application environment. (Discoloration has no effect on humidifying performance.)
It is recommended to clean the filter as often as practicable regardless of whether the "Clean
Humidifying Filter" indicator is lit on or not.
Early replacement of the filter is recommended if it exhibits any of the following conditions despite periodical cleaning.
Heavy dirt, adhering water scale too hard to remove, harsh odors, damage or deformation
If you do not use the "Humidify" or "Skin Moisturize" mode, drain the water tank and water tray.
Remaining water can be a cause of dirt or discoloration.
Do not disassemble the humidifying filter and its casing.
Submerge the
humidifying filter in any
of water, lukewarm water
or water with neutral
kitchen detergent for
30 minutes or longer.
Do not disassemble the humidifying filter and its case.
When you use neutral kitchen detergent, follow
the instructions given by the manufacturer.
(Only use neutral kitchen detergent.)
Shake lightly to drain off water.
(Continue until no more dripping
As you operate the air purifier, whitish or brownish water scale will adhere inside of the water tray or to
the humidifying filter surface. Water scale is the remnant of minerals in tap water that has not evaporated.
If you continue to use the filter without cleaning the water scale, it will get hard and difficult to remove,
resulting in lower humidifying performance.
Depending on the quality of tap water used, water scale may adhere quickly.
In such a case, the cleaning should be done sooner.
When you rinse the humidifying filter, rinse it as assembled with its case. Do not remove the case.
(Removing the case may cause deformation or damage.)
Do not scrub the humidifying filter with brush or press forcibly to deform.
(It may cause damage and deterioration of performance.)
New humidifying filter may smell at the beginning. This is normal.
Replace the filter early if it is damaged.
Washing the humidifying filter with citric acid will deteriorate the anti-bacterial and anti-mold performance.
Do not install the humidifying filter if containing too much water. It may cause water leakage.
Water Tank
(Guide for cleaning: Daily)
(Guide for cleaning: Once a month)
Change the water
and rinse the
humidifying filter by
shaking it.
(Repeat the steps
2-3 times.)
When you use neutral kitchen
detergent, rinse the filter well so that
no detergent remains.

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