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Memory Function / Sensors / Auto Detection; Memory Function; Air Sensor; Odor Sensor · Humidity Sensor - Hitachi EP-A5000 Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Memory Function / Sensors / Auto Detection

When you stop the operation and then restart, the purifi er will resume the operation status before shutdown.
If you operate the purifi er for approx. 5 seconds or longer, the operation status will be stored in memory.
(If you stop the operation within less than 5 seconds, the operation status will not be stored in memory.)
Even if you unplug the power cord, the operation status will be stored in memory. However, the airfl ow rate is
automatically set to "Auto".
Level of air contamination detected by the odor sensor is shown by the way the indicator is activated.
Indicator action
Contamination level: Clean
You can adjust the air sensor sensitivity setting as desired.
In case the purifi er is installed in a place where air contamination is hard to detect or in case the sensor itself
is not clean, the indicator action may not change.
The sensor detects odor in air such as cigarette smoke or odor of pet animals. Even
when you feel the air is clean, the purifi er may continue the operation if the odor
sensor fi nds any gas component not removed by the fi lter.
Any of the following may also be detected by the odor sensor.
Combustion gas from heating appliance, alcohol, odor of perfumes or cosmetics used
in beauty parlor or aesthetic salon, sprays, vapor, abrupt temperature change, etc.
The humidity sensor fi nds the humidity of room air during operation.
Humidity level should be taken as a guide only.
The indication may differ from hygrometer reading.
Humidity will change as temperature changes.
Humidity level may differ between well-ventilated and ill-ventilated places.
The air purifi er performs automatic operation by detecting room air contamination with "Odor Sensor" and
room air humidity with "Humidity Sensor".
In the fi rst 3 minutes after the power cord is plugged in, the unit will check room air condition and save it
in memory. During the time, the "Air Sensor" indicator and "Humidity Level 50" indicator will blink. After
3 minutes, both the "Air Sensor" and "Humidity Level 50" indicators will go off and the purifi er is now
ready to operate.
You may start the operation in less than 3 minutes after plugging the power cord.
In this case too, the "Air Sensor" and "Humidity Level 50" indicators will continue to blink, meaning the
unit is checking room air condition. After 3 minutes, the indicators will show your room air conditions.
If you plug in the power cord under contaminated air condition, the sensor sensitivity may be reduced. In such a
case, perform High or Max operation. Or you may try to make the room air cleaner by opening a window before
plugging the power cord. If the sensor sensitivity remains low after this, change the sensor sensitivity setting.

Memory Function

Air Sensor

: Lit in green
Odor Sensor
Humidity Sensor

Auto Detection

Blink in green
Humidity Sensor
Odor sensor

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