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Cautions On Use - Hitachi EP-A5000 Instruction Manual

Air purifier with humidifying function
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Cautions on Use

Do not install in an unstable or sloped
place, or near any obstacles.
The unit may fall or drop,
resulting in damage or unit failure.
If the space between the unit and
floor remains humid, the floor
may get moldy.
Using the unit tilted may cause
water leakage.
Do not drag the unit on any floor susceptible
to scratches or on thick carpet.
It may cause damage on floor or carpet surface.
Do not run with filter detached.
No cleaning effect is
obtainable without filter.
Running without filter
may also cause unit
Do not block or touch the infrared
receiver, odor sensor or humidity sensor.
Infrared receiver may be stained
or damaged to reduce its
Sensors may be degraded in
their sensitivity.
Do not install in a place where the air from the
purifier will blow directly on furniture, electric
appliance, wall or ceiling.
Humid air may cause stain
or deformation of furniture,
or may cause unit failure.
Ventilate closed room occasionally.
The air purifier does not have a ventilation
✽The air purifier cannot
remove hazardous
substance in cigarettes
(carbon monoxide, etc.).
Do not directly fan animals and plants.
Air drafts may adversely affect them.
Do not place anything on the air
purifier body, and do not block the air
inlet or air outlet.
Acts of the sort may cause unit
Do not touch or move the unit (angle
or lift the unit) during operation.
Moving the operating unit may cause the fan to
contact the inner case, resulting in noise and
possibly unit failure.
Do not place the purifier in a place exposed
to direct sunlight.
Direct sunlight may
cause deformation,
discoloration or
Do not subject remote controller to impact.
Do not drop the remote
controller or step on it, and
do not place any object on
it. Doing so may cause unit
Do not subject water tank to impact.
Water may leak from the tank
to wet the floor. Also water
may drip from the tank cap to
wet the floor.
Do not use near television or radio.
Broadcast may be
interfered. Install the air
purifier 2m or more away
from such devices.

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