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Configuring An Ip Routing Policy - 3Com 7700 Configuration Manual

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5: R
Configuring an IP
Routing Policy
gateway options and require it to receive only the routing information distributed
by certain routers.
An ip-prefix is identified by the ip-prefix name. Each ip-prefix can include multiple
list items, and each list item can independently specify the match range of the
network prefix forms and is identified with a index-number. The index-number
designates the matching check sequence in the ip-prefix.
During the matching, the router checks list items identified by the
sequence-number in ascending order. Once a single list item meets the condition,
it means that it has passed the ip-prefix filtering and does not enter the testing of
the next list item.
Community List
The community list is only used in BGP. The routing information packet of BGP
includes a community attribute domain to identify a community. The community
list specifies the match condition target for the community attribute.
The definition of the community list is already implemented in the BGP
Configuring a routing policy includes tasks described in the following sections:
Define a Route Policy
Define If-match Clauses for a Route Policy
Define Apply Clauses for a Route Policy
Importing Routing Information Discovered by Other Routing Protocols
Define IP Prefix
Configuring Filtering for the Received Routes
Configuring Filtering for the Distributed Routes
Define a Route Policy
A route policy can include multiple nodes. Each node is a unit for the matching
operation. The nodes are tested against by sequence-number.
Perform the following configurations in system view.
Table 50 Define a Route Policy
Enter Route policy view
Remove the specified route-policy
The permit argument specifies that if a route satisfies all the if-match clauses of a
node, the route passes the filtering of the node, and the apply clauses for the
node are executed without taking the test of the next node. If a route does not
satisfy all the if-match clauses of a node, however, the route takes the test of the
next node.
route-policy route-policy-name { permit | deny } node
{ node-number }
undo route-policy route-policy-name [ permit | deny |
node node-number ]


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