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Using The Grill (Rotisserie/Side Burner Usage) - Electrolux 44” Stainless Steel User & Care Manual

44” stainless steel gas grill


Using the Grill
NOTE: The grill will operate best if it is not facing directly into the wind.
Clearance to combustible construction - A minimum of 12" from the sides and back must be maintained
from the gas grill above and below the cooking surface to adjacent vertical combustible construction.
Clearance to non-combustible construction - A minimum of 5" clearance from the back of the grill to
non-combustible construction is required for the lid to fully open.
Storage of an outdoor gas cooking appliance indoor is permissible only if the cylinder is disconnected
and removed from the appliance.
Do not leave the grill unattended while cooking!
1. Make sure the grill has been leak tested and is properly located.
2. Light the grill burners using the instructions provided in this manual.
3. Turn the control knobs to desired temperature "High, Medium, or Low" and preheat the grill for
10 minutes before cooking.
4. Adjust heat settings to meet your cooking needs for desired results.
5. Allow grill to cool down, wipe off any splatters or grease and clean the drip tray as needed.
6. Do not put a cover on the grill while it is still hot as it could start a fire.
Do not use the grill in garages, breezeways, sheds or any enclosed area. Never
operate the grill in enclosed areas as this could lead to a carbon monoxide
buildup, which could result in injury or death. Place the grill on a level surface.
Avoid moving the grill while it is in operation.
Keep any electrical supply cords and the fuel supply hose away
from any heated surfaces.



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