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Using The Grill Plate; Thermostat; Switching On And Off - Electrolux TY58 Installation And Operation Instruction Manual

Teppan yaki grill plate


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Using the grill plate

The food is prepared (heated) directly on the grill plate
with or without fat. It is also possible, however, to cook
with pots.
When using pots on the grill plate, however, the cook-
ing time is considerably longer than on glass-ceramic,
gas rings or cast iron plates.
Garnishings accompanying the menu, e.g. sauces,
rice, etc. can be cooked or kept warm very well in the
pan directly on the grill plate.
It is not recommended to cook large amounts on the
grill plate, e.g. spaghetti.
Do not hesitate to turn over or remove the food
with the spoon while cooking on the grill plate.
Working marks on the grill plate are normal
and do not result in impairment of function.


The required temperature of the grill plate can be set
fully variably within the range 50 °C and 250 °C.
The heating time, e.g. to 180 °C, is approx.
6–7 minutes.

Switching on and off

1. Turn the thermostat clockwise to the required tem-
– The red operating indication lamp lights.
– The yellow temperature indication lamp lights
while the unit is heating up.
2. When the temperature indication lamp extinguishes,
the temperature set is reached.
– The temperature is kept constant by the thermo-
– The temperature indication lamp lights again dur-
ing further heating.
3. To switch off turn back to the off position.
If more rapid cooling of the grill plate is desired
after switching off, this can be performed by
placing a pot on it with a large base and con-
taining 2–3 litres cold water.


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